The Life Battle: The Country or the City?

The Life Battle: The Country or the City?

The question between to live in a country or a city has been a constant debate for over decades already.  The choice is simple, one has to measure what type of lifestyle he wishes to have and from there assess which area he would want to live in.  For the most part, the city is a more preferable place to live in than the country for the growth of the human person.

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The Life Battle: The Country or the City?
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For young people, the city would be a greater venue than the country.  The opportunities are endless, there are more jobs at available, and windows are open for any choice of career.  For the more ambitious types, the city can offer them limitless possibilities for career advancement and professional experience.  The country though offers jobs; they are almost always considered very ‘domestic’ options.  There are also reports of high cases of unemployment in the country, which makes it a bad choice for anyone who would want a stable and progressive career.

Aside from career, the city is a cultural melting pot of all races, nationalities and different people from all walks of life.  It will open the person into socializing and relating to all kinds of people.  There is wide diversity, where people can learn a lot from each other’s experiences.  This kind of set-up can help in making the person more open to other cultures, and it also teaches him more about the world.  The city makes knowledge of other cities, cultures and races possible.  In the country, although people are more accommodating and friendlier, they will always be the same people you will meet day in and day out.  There is lack in diversity and awareness of other people and cultures in the country.

There is also something about the vitality and energy of the city.  Being part of a striving metropolis where there are so much going on is surely an electrifying experience.  The city has a certain energy imparted to its inhabitants where it makes them go faster, strive harder, and want more.  It’s an experience mostly of being alive, where the buildings have tall facades, the transportation, the beautiful monuments, the large shopping areas, the infinite number of restaurants just completely exhilarate!  It’s an appreciation for human achievement, and the knowledge of the endless possibilities man can do with his life.

The country offers the opposite.  Being alive means going through the mountains and grass it is more of a serene experience than that of an exciting feeling.  It doesn’t have tall buildings or shopping areas, it has trees, flowers, streams.   Though without pollution, the country is a place for probably a vacation.  But for those who really want to experience life and the enjoyment of being alive, the city is a better option.

 Convenience is also a deciding factor for the battle between where to live.  In the country, it is a must to have some mode of transportation, unlike in the city there are endless options ranging from a taxi, subway and the bus.  It is not important that one owns a vehicle because this would really cost much also for maintenance and for gas.  If in need of groceries, or just anything from the store, in the country it would take people a long time before they get what they need whilst in the city; the convenience store is usually just around the corner.

Everything is mechanical in the country, the comfort rooms, sewers, and dishwashing, almost everything.  While in the city, it offers hassle free sewers where no one ever notices that it exists, everything is automatic and worry-free.  This kind of hassle-free living actually makes life easier for the fast-paced life of people living in the city.

For a person’s over-all make-up, the city is better because it helps him become more diverse, culturally aware, more educated, given more opportunities regarding career advancement and potential, convenience is key to civilization and there is vitality and excitement everywhere.

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