The life of the Asian, Hispanic, and Latino Americans


This paper generally speaks about the life of the Asian Americans, the Hispanic Americans and the Latino Americans in America - The life of the Asian, Hispanic, and Latino Americans introduction. It is about the experiences and the situations they have faced because of their cultural backgrounds, such as discrimination at the social and the corporate level. The efforts that have bee made to overcome such problems such as intermarriages, working and studying together and also residing amongst one another have also been discussed.

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The life of the Asian, Hispanic, and Latino Americans.

The question of whether discrimination in America really exists has been either ignored or thought of as a minor issue for a while. However, the bitter truth is that discrimination, in relation to cultural differences does exist, and Americans must confront the issue, since it may be the only way to overcoming it. A good example of where discrimination has been seen is at the corporate level, where relationships are in many instances built based on cultural backgrounds. It is a common thing to see Asian Americans bond with each other, Hispanic Americans with each other and so on at work places. Normally, such relationships are strengthened by the fact that these colleagues may invite each other at their homes to celebrate events or occasions that are observed only by Americans of the same origin. Such events may result to good work relations, and bonding even with the superiors and this may eventually lead to promotions based on favors, rather than on work merit. (Palacios, 2008, pg 2).

 Hispanics are Americans with a Spanish origin. They are said to be Americans largest minority, but statistics have shown that their number will continue to grow more rapidly than that of Americans of any other origin. They were once regarded as a quiet group of Americans which isolated its self from the rest. This has however changed in the past few years, where they have started to show a remarkable improvement in adopting the American way of life. They have also started to show interest in politics like other Americans, an example being Fernando Farrer, who was one of the New York’s candidates for the mayoral election in 2002. The Hispanics are evolving and are sometimes treated as a distinct race, rather than a separate ethnic group.

On the other hand, the Asian Americans form about 4.6 percent of the American population although this number has been increasing steadily by the years. In fact, according to the U.S census Bureau, the population is expected to surge to thirteen percent between 2000 and 2050. Asian Americans were recruited as laborers in the mid 1800’s when they migrated to

 America. Their reason to migrate was because of the job opportunities which were associated with the California Gold Rush, the construction of the intercontinental rail road and agriculture. They as well faced and still face, so problems in relation to their origin. For example, Some Asian Americans had to rely on assimilation as a way to escape the anti-Asian sentiments that were on the increase during the World War two. Others had to go back to Asia because it was hard for them to obtain work permits or to acquire citizenship.

Today, many Asian Americans maintain close relations with each other, besides struggling to assimilate with the American way of life and learning to speak in English. Parents who wish to bring up their children in respect to their culture are disadvantaged, since it is being diluted fast and may soon not be as original as it used to be. It has been said that Asian Americans can succeed on their own in fields like medicine and engineering. This has been an advantage to them as well as a disadvantage, in the sense that their work is respected in the corporate world, while those that live in poverty are ignored on the basis of the assumption that they can help themselves.

              Latinos are people who migrated to America from Italy as early as from the fifteenth century. They mostly settled in the Central and South America. They are the second American immigrants to be highly involved in business after the Asian Americans. However, they have the least educational attainment of all the American immigrants. Like the rest of the immigrants to

America, they faced discrimination, from facing problems with the law on immigration documents to being denied work permits. The Latin Americans are sometimes associated with the Hispanic Americans.

Interventions to address discrimination

It is however a known fact that many Americans from all backgrounds have similar aspirations and dreams with the white Americans. Latino, Hispanic and Asian Americans all support the same policies such as better education, secure jobs, less costly housing, reformed health insurance and many others with all Americans. There have been attempts to address the issue of cultural differences. These are such as the encouraging intermarriages among the various groups of different backgrounds, which has so far been the best and most successful way to tackle the issue of discrimination. In the mid 1990’s, only 20 percent of the American Asian women were intermarried. This number has been increasing steadily, with the most recent percentage of intermarriages being up to 40 percent. A similar trend has also been cited among the Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Residing next to each other in different states has been rated as the second best way that has addressed the issue of discrimination. This way, they are able to form friendships despite their different backgrounds. Another way to ensure that inter-racial integration improves is studying together and working together with people from different cultural backgrounds, socializing with them and getting to know more about their cultures. It is also important to note that adoption of useful and important cultures from people of different backgrounds has been a step to curb discrimination amongst Americans. (Harvey, Allard, 2002, pg 3-14)


1) Harvey. C .P, Allard M.J, (2002). Understanding and managing diversity, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Publishers.

2) Palacios. J. (2008).Discussion Thread: Comparison of Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Latino Americans, vol 264 pg 2.

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