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Analysis and interpretation of Shirley Jackson`s The Lottery



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    After reading the Lottery, the greatest downfall of this society is clinging to old traditions, which makes it impossible for an entire community to progress. The village people are convinced to conduct the lottery in June in order to have a prosperous year. However, many nearby villages have eliminated the practice and numerous young adults have advocated for the brutal acts towards an innocent human being.

    Because the village has decided to keep the tradition, the lottery is only growing tenser throughout the years, and families are being put at odds with one another cause there is constant danger dangling above their heads. This village is clearly not a good place to live if one values the lives of innocents and freedom. It Is chained by the oppression of the lottery and the inferiority of women. Every year, a family loses an important member in a public stoning event. The village is unwilling to give up a tradition that is no longer applicable to its way of life.

    Furthermore, women are treated with an air of inferiority. They are to stand next to their husbands while the men draw for the fate of the family. No new Innovations are established In this rowing town, and people are feeling more trapped as their families continue to grow. If I were In charge of the society, I would eliminate the lottery as my first order of business. This would allow the community to live more freely, without the anxiety of watching a loved one being publicly executed.

    The lottery Is about changes, you have to change your olds way. I would Introduce new traditions In place of the lottery. I would add an annual cook off festival for the seventy-seven Innocent’s people that lost they life’s. I would promote creativity In the schools for the children In hopes of theorizing the town and allowing It to thrive on the youth. Shirley Jackson wanted to expose the conformity people have towards tradition and how widely acceptable horrific acts are If done collectively.

    Mr.. Jackson points out how even though many nearby towns have eliminated the practice and many young folk have wanted to rid the town of the lottery, people still cling to the tradition they remember from their childhood and It has existed for over seventy years. The society doesn’t want to rid Itself of such an ugly tradition because It Is the only thing they know. In addition, Mr.. Jackson wants to point out how people can be mindless returns many times throughout their lives.

    They will follow the crowd because they think the power Lies In numbers and are too scared to show their own backbones. Jackson exemplifies this clearly when Testis, the unfortunate woman who Is killed at the end of the story, Is speaking to a good friend, Mrs.. Delicacies, at the beginning of the lottery. When Testis Is found to be the chosen sacrifice, however, Mrs.. Delicacies large pile and urge other women to hurry and get their turn in the public stoning. Clearly, Mrs.. Delicacies loses all sense of individualism and acts with the mob because that is all she knows.

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