The Magical Forest

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lay fairy Redhead, Queen over all the Fairies - The Magical Forest introduction. Surrounded by the sweet melancholy aroma of beautiful flowers and her many fairy friends. Fairy Redhead was the prettiest of all the Fairies. She had long, wavy, flowing, red hair, gorgeous indigo eyes; little freckles covered her nose and cheeks, cute natural pink lips and a petite nose. She was dressed in a silk cascading strappy turquoise dress with a shiny silver wrap to keep her shoulders warm from the gentle breeze that hung around in the magical forest.

In the middle of where all the fairies live there’s a big lake filled with many creatures with a small waterfall flowing into it. The sound of the slow trickling water made the forest very relaxing and peaceful to be in. This meant the fairies wouldn’t be disturbed by humans just nature. Apart from in the very dark parts of the forest where the Goblins lived in little cosy caves. All of the Fairies loved where they lived because they had all the things they needed to live a fairly safe and healthy life.

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Even thought the fairies are magical they still need to eat a certain kind of sweet which gave them all the energy they needed, and the forest provided this in big amounts. The only worry was if the goblins got a hold of it because if that happened they would have loads of energy and the fairies wouldn’t have any. It would be a terrible disaster, why all the Goblins would be out in their forces doing evil things around the forest, causing havoc wherever they go!

So to keep the special sweets safe they are hidden behind the waterfall so the goblins won’t ever be able to get them. The Goblins aren’t allowed on the side of the forest where the lake is so it wouldn’t be possible for them to ever find the sweets. On this day the Fairies were all just relaxing lazing around in the shade because even thought there was a nice breeze it was still very humid. The night before Fairy Redhead had held a Ball for all of the Fairies to attend so they were all tired from that as it didn’t finish till late.

The Goblins however weren’t tired at all they were out in their forces ready to be very naughty. They had a lot of extra energy because they hadn’t really done anything strenuous for days so they were ready for just about anything. On this particular day they were feeling extremely mischievous. They wanted to do something they hadn’t ever done before to get their adrenaline going, something exciting. What could they do???? Goblin Gobbo, King over the Goblins called a meeting for all of the Goblins to attend to come up with an idea of what they could do for the day.

Every Goblin in the forests turned up and they’re were hoards of them everywhere. After a long discussion they decided the only thing they hadn’t done before was go over to the lake! So it was a unanimous decision to go there. So they set off in disguises, hiding behind various plants, and staying silent so not to disturb the Fairies. They had made it to the lake! First of all they all took they’re clothes off except they’re underwear and jumped in the lake making tremendous splashes everywhere. They all had such fun especially Gobbo.

After a while Goblin Gobbo started to become bored so he went exploring just around the lake for he didn’t want to desert his fellow Goblins. He discovered the waterfall first so he went under it to have a wash because he was very dirty. He hadn’t had a wash for ages! Where the Goblins live they’re isn’t enough water for them to have a wash as well as a drink. He could see something sparkling through the water so he went in further and discovered it was a new sort of thing he had never seen before. He opened one and smelt it, it smelt good so he ate one.

Straight away he felt different. He felt charged up again, full of energy. Oh no! The disaster had happened. Gobbo called all the other Goblins over and as he is the King they all came over in a couple of seconds. By now all of the Fairies were asleep so they had no idea what was going on at the lake. All of the Goblins took a handful of the magical sweets. They all went hyperactive and started going wild! The whole lot of them rampaged through the forests ruining all of the lovely flowers and taking whatever they wanted from where the fairies lived.

The effects were disastrous!! Fortunately before everything got way out of hand one of the fairies was awoken by the noise of the Goblins. The fairies however didn’t have much energy left because they needed more sweets but the Goblins had got most of them. What were they going to do now????? Fortunate for the fairies they had a stash of the sweets hidden away in a place so secret it can’t even be mentioned. The animals in the forest were all friends of the fairies so whenever they were in trouble they always helped them.

So the animals carried the secret stash to the fairies that by now had so little energy they couldn’t move at all. They all just lay there so helpless. Within five minutes of them eating the sweets they were back to normal. By now the Goblins had long gone and the wreckage they had left behind was such a mess! The animals felt so sorry for the Fairies because the Goblins had gone so they couldn’t do anything about it for now. One day thought he Fairies would definitely get revenge on all of the Goblins. Now all was left to do was to tidy up the disaster they had left.

It took ages but eventually everything was back to normal and by this time more of the sweets had arrived from the owner of the land only this time they were in a safer place where nothing could get at them. Even though the Goblins had made such a mess everyone lived happily ever after. Apart from the Goblins because they didn’t realise that the special sweets could only be eaten by Fairies. The Fairies needn’t get revenge because the Goblins were so ill after eating the sweets that they had learned their lesson. So alls well that ends well!

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