The Market Research Toolbox: A concise Guide for Beginners Essay

Marketing communication is a management process that enables and facilitates a dialogue among costumers - The Market Research Toolbox: A concise Guide for Beginners Essay introduction. It involves so many factors such as social relationship, religion, etc. This makes it a complex topic to tackle.

There are so many things you can learn through research. But the most important thing of all is the strategies for an effective marketing communication that you might get through research.

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The Market Research Toolbox: A concise Guide for Beginners
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The best quantitative methods are doing interviews, giving questionnaires and doing observations. These are related methods. By doing interviews, or giving test questionnaires, or doing an observation you can already generate quantitative results out from what you have gathered. Doing interviews is the simplest method. This is an effective method because; the interviewer could successfully convince his/her interviewee(s) through an authentic conversation he/she has provided during the interview. A cozy environment could also be another factor in making the person(s) interviewed at ease to influence your strategies.

The recommended qualitative research would be the in-depth method, wherein the researcher does a keen record from his/her small group interview. This is almost the same as the quantitative research because the researcher still does the interview. It’s distinction from the previous method is that data are independent on the number of people being interviewed. This method, though comparable to those in quantitative methods is more reliable.  The results generated from this method are rich and more reasonable due to its concise and detailed nature. Another effective method is through advertising.

However, both methods take much time and money.

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