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The McDonalds Report

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McDonalds main areas of ecological infractions are, solid waste management, and electrical conservation practices.

According to, McDonalds corp has maintained industry leadership in its environmental practices.   Among other practices in their SOP, they have noted.

regular litter patrols of the areas around our restaurants.
Owner/operators and regional company organizations support local clean-up days with free meals for volunteers and promotional incentives for participation
Also, on the corporate and manufacturing level, they have

Recycled 2 billion pounds of corrugated cardboard.
Purchased more than $3 billion in products made from recycled materials
Eliminated several million pounds of packaging.
Goals regarding energy conservation include:

Providing owner/operators and restaurant managers with training, advice, and tools for assessing electrical energy consumption and savings potentials.
Establishing optimal equipment maintenance procedures and schedules.
Installing additional energy-efficient equipment in new restaurants and during renovations.
Testing innovative equipment that may produce further electrical energy savings through new technologies.
Developing an electrical energy use tracking and benchmarking system for our company-operated restaurants - The McDonalds Report Essay introduction. This will help measure progress toward our energy reduction goal
It is worth mentioning, as can be seen in this picture of a suburban McDonald’s creating a disturbance for their neighbors  while expending far more energy than is necessary, that McDonald’s franchise structure sometimes makes it difficult for the company to enforce their dedication and goals.

Situations such as this have drawn concern by government agencies that the vigor with which McDonald’s claims to enforce their energy and other environmental policies may be more show than business.

The McDonalds Report


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