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The Metomorphisis

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Gregor was the most unselfish person inThe Metamorphosis. This characteristic shows with hisdedication to his work. He was the only family member witha job, believing he was the only one capable of it. Sacrificinghis social life for his work, he had no friends at work, andnever went out at night. His only hobby was fretwork, sittingalone in his room. The only person he was ever intimate withwas his sister Grete. His devotion to his work wasremarkable. In all of the five years he had worked for hisfather’s creditor, he had never once been absent.

Alwaysready to go out on his rounds as early as possible, he nevertook advantage of time for a break. By the time he got back,the other employees were still eating breakfast. Under thebelief that he was the sole provider for the family, Gregortook up a job with his father’s creditor, before evenconsulting his family. They, at the time, were of courseimpressed. The flat they were living in was chosen byGregor.

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The Metomorphisis
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Making enough money, he hired a cook andservant. He was even thinking of sending Grete to theconservatorium to further enhance what he believed to bemusical talents. Even after his metamorphosis, he neverasked for much. Showing his concern for others’ wellbeing,he hid under the couch so as not to disgust anyone by hissight. Although they brought him food everyday, he barelyate any of it. He even wished he were not such a burden onthe family, and that he could have transformed back into hisold self. All of the actions mentioned above displayedGregor’s unselfishness. After his metamorphosis, nobodyindicated they were grateful for what he had done. After hisfirst absence, the chief clerk himself appeared at Gregor’shouse to see what was the matter. When Gregor did notopen his door, the chief clerk accused him of stealing thecompany’s funds, and degraded him in front of his parents asbeing insubordinate. After the transformation, Gregor’sfather gave little or no love or support. Instead, he had hurtGregor many times while ushering Gregor back into theroom. Grete and her mother do, for some time, show a littlesupport. After having Gregor around for a while howeverGrete asserted that they should somehow get rid of him. Atthis point, Gregor realized that his family no longer loves him,and gave up on life. Although Gregor did aid his family in acritical time of need, they hardly acknowledged this fact afterhis transformation. They never even tried to understand him.

For the past five years, he provided for his family, and whenhe needed them, they did not care. After his metamorphosis,they all got jobs, something Gregor thought they wereincapable of. After his death, they moved out of the flat,which was too expensive for them, leaving all of theirmemories, starting anew without him.

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