The Most Popular Sport Out There – Soccer Essay

As many people know, hockey is a Canadian game, and baseball is an American game. However soccer is an international game played worldwide. Soccer is one of the oldest sports with the most reputation.

It is played in almost every country, and is the national pastime for close to 100 countries! A game played between two teams of 11 players, using a round ball, has brought excitement for millions. FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the biggest league for soccer.

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The Most Popular Sport Out There – Soccer
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It is also the only league where countries from every part of the world participate.This organization takes place every four years, and is hosted in one special country.

One of the many great features soccer has is that it is a comprehendible sport. I believe soccer is the sport favored by most. 200,000 spectators have attended the 1950 Brazil vs. Uruguay game, which is triple the amount a major league hockey game would attract! Unlike sports like baseball, clustered with don’ts, the main objective of soccer is to get the ball in the opponents net without using your hands.

Certainly in soccer there are rules like: violence results in a penalty and stay within the boundaries, but those rules are generally understandable. Lastly, soccer is a great sport because it provides great exercise; therefore it burns calories and fat. Playing soccer for 5 hours, weekly, will keep you in great shape. Taken as a whole, I consider soccer deserves to be the world’s finest sport simply because it is popular, understandable, and an enjoyable game.

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