The Music of Lifes

How do we understand the language of music?Music is not a language to be learned.Rather it is an emotion that must be felt with the soul.Music in all its forms is heard differently by each and every person based on experience, emotion and fantasy.No matter what culture you belong to, every human hears music differently and interprets it that way.Although it is impossible to translate music as we would words, that does not give the emotion any less meaning or relevance.Sometimes it is the music of life that can shape where we will go, how we will express ourselves, what we will feel and how we will relate to the rest of the world.I venture to say, ?§music in the rhythm and emotion of life, without it there?d just be words.? Every human, whether Caucasian, Native, African, Norwegian or Korean, blind, illiterate, or short, is capable of understanding music.Not only are they capable of creating music in the form of their choice, they are also able to interpret it according to their own emotion.Music is a necessity in our lives and without it, there?d be no meaning.Even infants respond to music.From a fetus within the mothers womb, they recognize the beauty in a tune.It would be odd in a case to care for toddlers and not find them commonly humming a song to themselves.Not only do they mimic tunes but they also create their own medleys in their minds and freely express their emotion.You would find toddlers of every culture doing the same thing.You would, however, find that say Chinese toddlers would likely be humming tunes more closely linked to their own society?s music being quick, short intervals of tunes.African children would likely be caught singing an up beat tune rather than a Jamaican child singing somewhat of a Caribbean tune in a syncopated ballad form. Hearing the music is another varied situation.As well as listening to music with our ears, we also hear it with our hearts and sho…

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