The Nature of the Three Major Parts of the Personality Proposed by Freud Essay

The nature of the three major parts of the personality proposed by Freud In the understanding of Freud’s personality is a contradictory unity of the three interacting areas: “ID”, “Ego” and “Super-ego”, the content and effect of which reflects its essence and diversity. The structure of has a certain personality of conjugation with structure of the psyche. Dominant areas of the individual is the “ID”. It is Freud as a repository of unconscious, irrational reactions and impulses, biological in nature and psychobiological for manifestation.

ID” in itself is an unorganized area of personality, which in relation to the other parts of it still stands as the single psycho personal power, as its internal and external manifestations are regulated and controlled by a single principle, which is called the principle of pleasure or enjoyment. According to Freud, “ID” is the source and provider of energy for other aspects of the individual and to form the driving force of personality, expressed, as a rule, in the desires and instincts.

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The Nature of the Three Major Parts of the Personality Proposed by Freud
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The second area of ?? this person “Ego”, in my understanding, is the complex of relationship of child with parents separated from the “ID”, to a certain extent is a wisdom and prudence. In general, the “Ego” appears as an organized top personality is governed by the reality principle, which allows him to control the kind of blind, irrational impulses “ID” and put them in a certain correspondence with the requirements of the external world. The third area of ?? personality is “super-ego”.

It appears, based on the “Ego” and serves as a cultural product, made up of a complex of conscience, moral traits and behaviors that control of the “Ego” and ordered him moral role models and activities in the context of higher social feelings. Areas of identity are in constant interaction and have a significant effect on the functional activity of each other. One of the most important relationship is the relationship of such “ID” and “Ego”. This relationship is described by Freud as follows: “The functional importance of the” Ego “is expressed in the fact that in normal cases it holds approaches to mobility.

In its relation to the “ID” is like a rider who is to curb the strength of its superior horse, the difference is that the rider is trying to make it on their own, and “Ego” is borrowed. If the rider does not want to part with the horse, then he has no choice but to lead the horse to where the horse wants, and “Ego” will turn “ID” in the action, as if it was his own “. The nature of the three parts of the personality, proposed by Freud, looks like this.

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