The Old Age and Major Health Problems Essay

For some reason people tend to assume that diseases and sickness come along with old age “Once your start reaching old age, you start getting weak and sick”, is a perfect example of the typical stereotype for this matter - The Old Age and Major Health Problems Essay introduction. This is not necessarily true. Most major health problems of old age result from pathology. Pathology is the presence of disease and for the most part it lies outside of the aging process. The way a person lives his or her life while young will affect them later in life.

What I mean is that if while your young and you dnt physically maintain your self or health, don’t have a rigid healthy diet it will all backfire one day. This day is usually when your in the aging process. That’s when people get diagnosed with diseases and sickness. With preventive measures many of these disease could’ve been avoided. People mis-understand the whole concept. The figure that older people are sick because of their age.

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The Old Age and Major Health Problems
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This is not true if a person goes about through his or her life maintaining a healthy diet, and physically fit, the chances of this person having any type of disease when reaching old age is very little. Oppose to a person who does not take her him or her self, does not maintain a healthy diet, is addicted to smoking , drinking or any type of drugs, and or isn’t physically fit. Some people get diagnosed with the disease before others, while some may get it while still being considered “young” others living the same type of lifestyle might get it while reaching the “old age”.

It all depends on the persons body and immune system. Heart disease is one of the sickness that older aged people usually get diagnosed with. The most widespread form of heart disease, coronary artery disease or ischemic heart disease, is now the killing disease all over the world. Worldwide so far 7. 6 people died in 2005 because of coronary heart disease. Heart attacks and infarct are results of this disease. Seven-eight percent of all newly diagnosed cancer occur at age fifty-five and older in the united states.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death among older adults. Cancer can be developed the breast area , others in the skin , the stomach, bones, blood or other parts of the body. Any one can develop cancer it remains one of the major killing diseases of older people throughout the world. Arthritis is usually diagnosed to people that are sixty-five and older. Its very frequent among them. Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint or a degenerative change in a joint. Today its affecting all age groups but mostly older persons.

There many types of them with different causes and symptoms. All in all we can come to the conclusion that yes its true that older people are the one whom usually are diagnosed with a disease or sickness. But not necessarily because a person is “old aged” that doesn’t mean that they’re going to get one. If throughout there stages of life they guide themselves through the proper nutrition and stay away from the negative stuff such as fats, liquor , cigarettes, when they reach the old age , the chances of contracting one of theses disease or sickness is very little.

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