The Origins of the Persian Empire

Melany Perez Western Civ - The Origins of the Persian Empire introduction. 2/19/13 The Origins of the Persian Empire * Basically the rise of the Persian can be accredited to one man: Cyrus the Great. * He was a very powerful king who had the idea of expanding the Persian kingdom by conquering all the land around him. * He ended up creating one of the biggest empires that lasted over two hundred years. * He’s impact on the Persian Empire allowed other emperors after him such as Darius to continue expanding the empire. * First he took control of Media around 550 B. C. E.

* Media was the land that connected east and west Asia. * He formed a government there and had Median and Persian nobles to be civilian officials. * Then he conquered what is known as the Fertile Crescent. * After that conquer the Persian Empire was huge. * Although he conquered all these places he allowed them to keep their languages, their religion to keep leaving how they are used to. The consolidation of the Persian Empire * After Cyrus died his son Darius I, came to power. * He was a warrior king like his father and decided to build on what Cyrus had achieved.

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* He divided the Empire into several provinces to make it easier to govern. * Each province had a governor called a strap that took orders from him and collected taxes. * He was also a great builder, he build The Royal Road this made it easier for soldiers, mail and messages to be sent across the empire. * He also promoted trade and business and established a law code. * Although he was a great administrator he made a mistake when he tried to extend Persian domination into Greece.

* The city resisted and revolt without realizing how powerful Darius was. * He ended up punishing the Athens and he regained control over Asia Minor and Thrace, invaded and conquered several Aegean Islands, and even attempted to torch the mighty Greek city-state of Athens. * The Athens tried to get back at the Battle of Marathon in 490 B. C. E. * Although they didn’t succeed the Persians recognized that they had reached the limits of their expansion. Zoroastrianism * Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions.

* It was founded by Zarathustra, a Persian who lived shortly before 600 B. C. E. * Zoroastrianism teaches that there is only one god in the universe whom Zarathustra called Ahura-Mazda (Wise Lord). * He is the essence of light, truth, and there was absolutely nothing wicked about him. * There was also a counter deity called Ahriman. * He was treacherous and malignant and ruled the forced of darkness. * According to them light will never triumph over darkness until the Last Day when the forces of Ahura-Mazda vanquish those of Ahiriman forever.

* This was a very influential religion in the theologies of Christianity and Islam. * This religion is important because it affected the conduct of Persian government. * Unlike other ancient religions, Zoroastrianism was a personal religion making private spiritual demands instead of public ritual ones. * They believe if you are good and if you choose good over evil you will be rewarded with an afterlife, when the dead are resurrected on Judgment Day.

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