The Other Wes Moore Assignment Essay

Staring at the cover of The Other Wes Moore during my Advising and Registration Day in the spring, I honestly was not prepared to already have a summer assignment, especially since I should have been enjoying the summer before the real world started. My initial reactions to the book were like any other teenager. I judged this book by its cover and came to the realization that the only way I would open this book was by my own destiny. I had to make the decision to do the assignment and I knew I was fully responsible for this action. I decided to make that decision and start the book.

After quickly getting into it, I realized that this was a book that kept me wanting to know more, especially the reasons behind the characters actions. At first I never understood why the studious Wes would waste his time visiting another man he never knew, only shared a name with. I found it surprising that a man would do wonders to visit another man in prison just to understand his life. After finishing the book, I can now understand why he chose to do what he did. He did not just do it for himself; he did it for the other Wes Moore, too. And I’m sure there are other numerous reasons why he chose those actions.

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On the contrary, I find it very challenging that Wes’s mother, Mary Moore decided to just sit back and watch her son make the same decisions his brother, Tony made. She let him walk down the path of destruction, by ditching school and enlisting in numerous drug deals. I’ve always thought that the role of a mother is to protect and love her children unconditionally. One can tell that the love for Wes truly came out when Mary was grieving after his arrest, but was the love really there when she let him make the decisions he made? In the end, looking back at each of the lives of the boys one main theme pulls through, which is persistence.

The one Wes Moore went through several life-changing events, such as watching his father die in front of him, failing school and in turn being sent to military school, and completing a degree at Johns Hopkins University. This Wes Moore had the willpower to do great things in his life, which he accomplished. In contrast, the other Wes Moore went through many life-changing events too, ones that put him down a different path than the other Wes. This path was not headed in the right direction, but yet he had the determination to go down this path and keep going down it in his life.

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