The Person I Admire the Most - Part 4 - Debut albums Essay Example

I am jacki and i love myself becauese im awsome and no one can beat me to it - The Person I Admire the Most introduction. I have lots of friends and some stab me in the back but I have grown stronger and wiser beacauese of it. I have a great family and I love them to the bone, they are always there for support and never coplains about the effort they make. I have a lovely boyfriend whom i admire for his great sense of humor and comitment to sports. He always has a smile on his gorgeous face and lights up the room when he walks in. He is very understanding and stands by me no matter what. He always support me in everything I do, and is the one person who will never let me down (I hope).

As for school it sucks but who loves it, I do good in academic but im not a big fan of sports. I play hokkey, middle link infact, I am getting quite good at it sinse i just started four years ago. I Have many dreams and accomplishments that i would love to achieve, having a rewarding job and healty family is one of them. I personaly think that having a good family is important in order to be succesful in life because of the support and love they give one. Money is not important to me althought is would be a bonus. My norms always play a great amount in my carreer i would one day choose


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