Lorraine and John in the Book Called “The Pigman” Short Summary

The PigmanLorraine is one of the main characters in the book called The Pigman. This book is about two kids, Lorraine and her good friend John. Lorraine has many different traits. One of her main traits is that sheis paranoid. She also is very shy and softspoken, but can be a comedianotherwise.

Lorraine can be extremely paranoid about doing things that she hasn’tdone before. She won’t want to try something new unless it looksperfectly safe. Not that it is a bad thing, just that a lot of times itseems to get in the way of her having a good time. She seems to getthis from her mother, which is always worried about her daughter andwhat boys might do to her. Lorraine’s mother worries that she iswearing too short of dresses, or that the things that she wears are too”sexual”. Even though Lorraine is quite paranoid, she doesn’t seem tohave a problem with ditching school. This is something that her andJohn would do often after they met the Pigman, Mr. Pignati. It seemedthat she would never be the type to throw a party. It seemed in a waythat John convinced her into it in a way.

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Lorraine can also be shy and softspoken. She never really stood up toher mom or rebelled in any way like John did. When her and her mom gotinto a fight, she was thinking about how she wanted to yell at her momand the next minute she was over at the table comforting her. Thisshowed that she did care about her mother, even if her mother was kindof strict. She would go along with a lot of things that John said justbecause she didn’t want to stand up to him. This showed that she didn’treally have a backbone, and that she was easily pushed around.

Lorraine can also be a comedian. Her and John and Pigman would alltake turns entertaining eachother by dressing up or doing somethingstupid, and she kept right up with them. She seemed to like toentertain people, but she just had to be in the right mood. She also was a real easy person to get along with. She bonded quicklywith Mr. Pignati and also with John. If she was a person in real life,she would probably make a lot of friends. Lorraine was a very well-writen and well planned out character. Shehas problems just like a real person, which made her a more true to lifeperson. The way that she interacted with the other characters in thebook also made her more realistic, making the total outcome of the booka real plus.

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