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The Positive uses of the Internet Outweigh the Negative

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Analyical Piece
The Positive uses of the Internet outweigh the Negatives
“Of foremost concern is the need to make sure that internet security is well in place to prevent the negative effects of the internet to innocent people.” – Patrick A. Regoniel 2012; The Effects of the Internet Since the internet’s public use in 1989, it has affected the population in both positive and negative ways. The ability to remain connected with distant friends and relatives and to exchange vital information has been of extreme use to us personally and as a culture.

Yet, as with any new technology, people tend to look at the negative side of things. They see the internet as a place where real life social interaction is ruined and how it is a danger to people on a physical level. The exact same thing occurred when the television was invented and during the time when rock music became very popular. These arguments have already been thoroughly examined with no definite conclusions made.

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The Positive uses of the Internet Outweigh the Negative
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I intend to show people how the internet benefits us in ways that far defeat the negative effects.

The first (and most commonly) discussed aspect of the internet has to be social interaction. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow the earth’s population to pose their views on a subject while also having just as much say as another person. “Social Networking sites are a place where sexual predators and internet hackers are free to wreak havoc” this is a very common counter statement to social networking sites. I feel, however that these issues (while not insignificant) are simply not sufficient to provide an argument against all those positive things that these sites can do for a person. For example, my personal favorite positive interaction I saw myself was a forum where army veterans were able to talk about their experiences in war, and how they were affected by it afterwards. A lot of these people talked about how they had previously felt quite alone when it came to discussing this subject, yet when they were shown this forum, they were able to connect with hundreds of other people who were in the same situation as themselves.

I found this very touching, in the sense, that these people who were feeling isolated and possibly quite traumatized by their experiences were able to relate to another person who was then able to understand them. Forums such as these, where people can gather to discuss hobbies and interests, have become extremely common in recent years and have benefited their respective communities greatly. There has recently been an increase in online dating services. These websites allow people to write in their hobbies, interests, likes dislike etc. and to then find another person with these similarities. When it comes to this subject I, of course, have limited knowledge. I have however, been greatly affected by it. 4 years ago, my mother introduced me to someone who she met online; they began dating and were together for nearly three years. In this time I made friends with his daughter and also noticed the almost instant mood change my mother had. She was very happy. It is from this experience that I am able to say that this aspect of the internet does work and that it enhances people’s lives. The internet has affected my life in so many positive ways. From being able to remain in contact with family and friends in England and to find places where I am able to have an equal say in what interests me personally; the internet has been of extreme help to me on an educational and social level. This is why it annoys, and almost saddens me when I hear people talking about how the internet ‘Melts peoples brains’ and ‘ruins real life relationships’. I truly think that these people should understand what the internet can do for anyone and everyone.

Hortatory Piece

I think they think…
I cannot remember the time I had a conversation with a new person. It has been so long that I’ve been trapped in my bubble of a world. I tried so hard to be friendly and to make friends; but I could tell that they judging me. Watching my every move; waiting for me to make a fool of myself.

“Hey! Look at that Sasha kid! She thinks she‘s so smart, huh?” This is what people thought about me. I mean, to be honest, I didn’t actually know that this is what they thought, but was it not obvious? I was raised in a rich community; I was doing very well in school and I, apparently, was very pretty. So it’s no wonder that the other girls at high school were thinking about me. I wished things could be like how they were in primary school, no judging, no vicious mental games and most importantly, no staring. Yet ever since the teachers in my new school were aware of my heightened intelligence, they took it upon themselves to congratulate me publicly in class. What an utter embarrassment.

I’m 23 now and living by myself in an average house in a quiet suburb north of the city. I work as a graphic designer for webpages, setting up websites for clients, that kind of thing. I enjoy it enormously. Not because I am able to work at home, not because I earn a stable income and not because I am actually interested in this line of work particularly. No, what made me choose this career was its isolation. I didn’t have to meet ‘the work force’ every morning or go to work meetings and make oral presentations. I have had enough of that since high school. “Why do you think people are thinking about you?” I was asked this question almost twice a week by my parents who weren’t really aware of how this was affecting my life. Instead of helping me, they just made me think that I was on their minds all the time. That certainly didn’t help. One day, I received an email. It was a new client; nothing particularly special about this one. They wanted to set up a forum website. I promptly responded with an email confirming my willingness to design the webpage. The replied the next day with a list of what they wanted the website to look like, themes etc.

They also included what the forums were to be about. ‘People Living with Social Anxiety’; Strange, this is exactly what my parents claimed I had. I was quite interested. I had designed many forum websites before, yet this time, I felt as though I should really try to make a good job of this one. After a week of solid coding and clicking it was complete. It was a masterpiece. The website was filled with colour and looked as though a team of 20 had worked on it for a month. My client was extremely happy. He paid me twofold the original price and even offered a moderators position within the forum. Despite myself, I agreed; I was curious as to the kinds of people who visited these places. I assumed that they were people who were just having a bad time in their life and just came to vent some of that sadness. I suppose that’s good but I doubted that they would have any real experiences that I would be able to relate to. How very wrong I was. Thanks for helping me with my life guys. -Posted 28th March 2008 by Administrator: SaschaQueen

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