The Preliminary Research Outline Essay

For the second page Explain:
1.The purpose of the paper (explain, analyze, or argue)

To analyze the subtext of the novel in terms of religion and sociopolitical views.
2.The intended audience (general or specialized)

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The Preliminary Research Outline
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The general reader, albeit with an understanding of the novel and an interest in the fantasy genre.
3.Your voice as the writer (informer or advocate)

Generally as an informer, though the stance is, in many ways, persuasive.
4.The preliminary thesis sentence or opening hypothesis

While The  Hobbit is a novel which many critics have said helped advance the body of fantasy literature, the novel is filled with allusions and parallels to his own, very real, world and society as a whole.

5.A few important references which you plan to use in preparing your research

The novel itself.

Skeparnides, Michael. “A Reflection on Tolkien’s World – Gender, Race & Interpreted Political,             Economic, Social & Cultural Allegories.”  SFFWorld. 2002.


Zmirak, J.P.  Tolkien, Hitler, and Nordic Heroism.  Front Page Magazine. December 20, 2001.


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