The principal responsibility of the National Probation Service is to protect the public from crime

Police officers work in partnership with the public and are in the front line in the fight against crime and the fear of crime. The main jobs done by the police top protect the community are tackling antisocial behaviour, reducing theft, robbery and street-related crime, supporting victims and providing a reassuring presence in the community. They are citizen-focused, responding to the needs of individuals and communities. Using the latest technology like breathalyzers, computers, fingerprint machines etc police officers are trained to manage information and intelligence for future use against criminals or deviant individuals.

The principal responsibility of the National Probation Service is to protect the public from crime. Probation Officers work with some of society’s most difficult, damaged and dangerous people. This role demands a firm and disciplined approach, but at the same time a compassionate understanding of people and their problems. In their work, Probation Officers will assess the risk an offender may cause to the community, and how that risk should be contained. The aim of probation supervision is to reduce the likelihood of further offending, and rehabilitate the offender back into the community in order to reduce crime.

The National Probation Service is the only agency that is involved in every step of the criminal justice process – from the moment an offender appears before the court, when the Probation Officer may prepare a report to help with bail and sentencing decisions, to the end of the court order for supervision in the community, or the expiry of an ex-prisoner’s period of supervision on license. This complex work involves Probation Officers using a range of techniques to enable people to address their offending behaviour effectively.

Some work is done individually, some through accredited group work programmes, and some in liaison with partnership agencies in the community. Probation Officers work in a variety of settings. Most work in field teams preparing court reports and supervising offenders in the community. However, some work in specialist settings e. g. prisons, probation hostels, group work teams and drug/alcohol agencies The Anti-social Behaviour Unit (ASBU) works with city residents and partner agencies to ensure a multi-agency approach to reducing antisocial behaviour and creating safer communities.

The ASBU takes referrals from partner agencies such as Social Services, Housing, and the Police for the county, e. g for the whole of manchester. Though the Anti-social Behaviour Unit does not receive any funding other than the City Council, it does have the additional resources of a seconded Police Officer, and a member of the crime reduction charity, Motivate, on the project Income Support provides financial help for people between 16 and 60 who are on a low income who are not in full-time paid work and who are in one of the groups of people who can claim Income Support. It can help you with day-to-day living expenses.

This helps to tackle poverty and ensure that families have enough amenities to live ion each day. It is not paid to unemployed people who have to be available for and actively seeking work (they may be able to get Jobseeker’s Allowance instead). Some or individuals claim Incapacity Benefit if they had been working but can no longer get statutory sick pay, are self employed, unemployed or on maternity leave but cant go back to work for medical reasons etc. however to get this benefit one must have been paying national insurance. ) New Deal is a key part of the Government’s Welfare to Work strategy.

It aims to give unemployed people new opportunities to train and to gain work experience, so that they have the skills employers want. It can help you if a business is suffering from staff shortages. Everyone who takes part in New Deal has a personal adviser who provides support until they are ready for work. This support includes: a thorough assessment of their qualities, skills and experience, help to overcome things that are making it more difficult to find and keep a job and practical help to improve their chances of finding work (such as computer training or help with interview techniques).

By the time an individual is through with this programme, they will be employable, motivated and be right for the job. This helps reduce poverty’s more unemployed people will want to take this programme so that they can provide for their own families whilst having the pride of having a job. The European Commission called for a renewed commitment to social justice by proposing a new, approach to tackling poverty and promoting inclusion of people furthest from the labour market.

While the EU strategy for growth and jobs is showing good results, Europe needs to do more to realize its full potential and achieve greater social justice and economic cohesion. The new strategy for ‘active inclusion’, which is taking shape through a wide-ranging public consultation, is a key element of the European Social Agenda. They have stated that they will, “ensure that disadvantaged people are integrated in the job market in the long term, a more strategic approach is needed.

They first need to be supported with sufficient resources and personalized employment and social services, to help them participate in society and become more employable. Once in employment, job retention should be promoted to avoid a “revolving door” situation: the process of social reintegration does not end at the employers’ doors. And employment is not always a guarantee against poverty: 8% of workers in the EU are at risk of poverty, so promoting quality in work is also important”. (http://ec. europa. eu 3/06/08)

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