The Prospect for Negro Post-Emancipation Era

The Negroes in America are at one of the most critical periods in their history, the burdens of oppression which accumulated by discriminations from generations to generations seem to be relieved by years of liberation wars - The Prospect for Negro Post-Emancipation Era introduction. However, all the previous struggle and fight for freedom is just the preface of the book about Negro emancipation, the main content of future and prospect should be written by more arduous and assiduous striving.

In the region of social status, the Negro people, once upon a time, have made up almost 100% of toilers, either poor workers in industry, agricultural laborers, tenant and sharecropper farmers, or domestics. But now their social status has risen and there is no such segregated limitation as to the freedom of choosing a job. There exist many dominant North Americans from all walks of life, for example, the famous talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey. We have reasons to believe that within the next 20 years challenges and opportunities are co-existed for the North Americans.

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The Prospect for Negro Post-Emancipation Era
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In politics, it is generally assumed that after the first black president Barack Obama assumed power of the state, the North Americans will gradually take initiatives in their own affairs. The first black president enables them to see a promising future to their American dreams. But changes in enacting new laws, or running after politicians to help, or any half-way measures are just not enough at all to remedy the general distress. Efforts should be made from the bottom of the beliefs and roots.

From centuries to centuries, the black people have made great contributions to the culture and custom of the American civilization. Their talented and versatile performance in music, arts, literature is the gift from the God, which leaves us with priceless inheritance. But the clearance of race persecution is still a long way to achieve. Behind all the facts of discrimination is a moral attitude that all men are not created equal. Only if we get rid of this ingrained falsehood with the help of a more detailed regulation, education and laws can we reach the final brightness of equality.

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