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The right to die Essay

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English 111In this essay I will discuss the difference between right and wrong, compassion and mercy, or just plain murder. As intrigued many minds that have read Barbara Huttmans “Crime of Compassion.”I think Huttmann killed Mac for a reason other than his pain and suffering.

I think the reason was not mercy, compassion, or her idea of it being right or wrong. I do however believe that she was tired of dealing with the burden of Mac and all the tremendous amount of work and care he required.

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The right to die
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By the end of six months Mac had lost the ability to do anything for himself.

I find it hard to believe that during this time the thought of death never occurred to Huttman.

I would assume that death for Mac would be inevitable, considering that each passing month his pain and suffering became unbearable.

Huttmann said she loved Mac and his family as her own. Where was her love for Maura while she was screaming for the code team to stop resuscitating Mac?How can a person say they love someone, when if, given the chance to ease their pain they pass it up and allow the hurt to go on.

Why did’nt she whisper something in her ear to give her a moment of relief and possibly a second of peace?Was there ever a time when Maura and Mac were alone or even discussed their views on Macs dying? Did Maura ever discuss with Huttman her feelings on keeping Mac alive?I think after being resuscitated 52 times in one month, the real question for me would be the right to deny forced life instead of the right to die.

I think Huttmann should have thought longer and harder about her decision to not push the button.

If her concern was for Mac alone, I feel she would have consulted this family she loved so much first.

I think Barbara Huttmann ended Macs life for her own selfish reasons.

I know that if I were to ever get an illness where death was the main outcome, I will take the steps to insure that there would be no attempts to force life upon me.


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