The Rise of Damballa, Protector of Harlem Essay

With the recent publication of Damballa, a novel featuring a new African-American pulp hero, Charles Saunders is adding a new title to his resume – pulp fictioneer - The Rise of Damballa, Protector of Harlem Essay introduction. Damballa takes his rightful place along side two of Charles’ other well known heroes, Imaro and Dossouye.

The book is illustrated by frequent TGR contributor Clayton Hinkle, whose pulp illustration style greatly complements Charles’ words. Damballa also sports a great cover by Charles Fetherolf.

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The Rise of Damballa, Protector of Harlem
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In Damballa, Charles has created a pulp adventure hero in the tradition of The Shadow and The Spider. He describes his new character from the 1930s as a hero not unlike movie tough guy Shaft. As Charles states, “Damballa, like John Shaft, will risk his neck for his fellow man. The difference is Damballa wears a cloak instead of leather jacket, and uses both ancient African wisdom and modern science in his battle against injustice.” Charles reflects further on the creation of his new hero on his blog.  Here is a brief excerpt:

The waiting is over. My latest novel, Damballa, has been officially released by Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Book Publishers. This is a true milestone for me, as Damballa is my first major venture out of the fantasy genre. Over the years, I have written some horror stories, but those were few and far between. Damballa is my maiden effort penning a full-length, non fantasy novel.

You can purchase Damballa here and at and Barnes & Noble’s website.

And look for other projects coming later this year from Charles, including an article in the next issue of TGR.

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