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The Road Not Taken Essay

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The poem ‘the road not taken’ explores the concept of journey in two ways. There is a metaphorical meaning that Discusses the choices made in life, as well as a physical journey that sends him on a quest through a path of uncertainty. Frost’s use of poetic techniques allows the reader to interpret these journeys in their own way.

The physical journey takes place when the persona , in this case frost, has to choose between two paths. It is identified that frost is the persona through his use of first person.

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The Road Not Taken
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Where he says “and sorry I could not travel both”.This allows the audience to have a greater connection with the poem.

The physical journey that he takes is a dark and mysterious one as he travels down one that “ in leaves no step had trodden black” meaning than few had gone down that path. The path is not easily chosen however, deduced where frost has used repetition of ‘and’ to convey the inevitability of decision.

Therefore a physical journey is conveyed through the uses of repetition, first person and metaphors. There is a metaphorical meaning taking place throughout the whole poem, disguised as a physical journey.

The two roads seen by the protagonist are the the paths in life that we decide if we should follow. He didn’t take the easy path and he is rewarded with a positive out come and it is know by his tense change in the last stanza. “and that has made all the difference” refers to his Great journey both in a physical sense but perhaps a journey taken through out life. “I shall be telling this with a sigh” ,this use of tone in the last paragraph is leaves the audience with confusion as to wonder if he could do it again would he have taken the other path.

The road not taken relates to all aspects of life where we take either physical, inner or imaginative journeys. The tone, repetition and irregular rhyming scheme all help convey his quirky way of describing two concepts of journeys in the poem. His Use of descriptive language throughout the poem paints a picture that is both moving and appealing to the ausdience. Therefore in Robert frosts “the road not taken” the concept of journey is demonstrated.

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