The Road To No where! Essay

We sat patiently waiting, listening for the bell to confirm take off! - The Road To No where! Essay introduction! As the bell rang I sighed with relief but was nervous as it was only my second time to use a plane. I glanced at my watch reminding me I had 5 hours to get to Egypt, as always I was very rushed for time and needed to attend the meeting. As we got higher the white fluffy clouds distracted me. I got comfortable and let my eyes shut, not long after a polite young air hostess asked “if I would like any refreshments” I eagerly replied “yes please, could I have a bottle of water and a ham sandwich.

I hadn’t eaten all day and my belly was roaring, I shovelled it in and was gone within seconds but it hit the spot! I sat back in my seat and soon after was in a deep sleep I was woken by a warning asking everyone to return to their seats and fasten there seatbelts as there were high speed gales ahead. This time I kept awake I was too cautious about the gale I looked around the plane and everyone looked calm but most people had been on a plane more than twice.

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As we hit the gale the plane shook I clenched on to the arm rest like I was hanging off the edge of a cliff. The plane rocked side to side and it didn’t look as if the winds were going to calm down, I started to feel very uncomfortable and worried. I looked around the plane and everyone looked quite unsure about the situation we were in, we were in the middle of a gale and couldn’t do anything but sit and hope.

I asked the person to the right of me if she was ok she replied in a shaken voice “yes I’m just not very keen on flying” this comforted me I know knew I wasn’t the only one. As the plane rocked the wind took it away the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, I knew it was over and couldn’t do anything but listen to the wind screech past the plane heading directly for the ground. As my life passed before my eyes the plane hammered to the ground and my head smashed against the seat in front of me, I heard my nose crack and blood poured down my face like a waterfall.

I touched my face and I could not believe I was alive, I crawled to the emergency exit in a struggle to survive as I took a deep breath and said to myself “I’m almost there” the plane blew up in to a roaring fire, the temperature was immense and i felt the heat hit my face it felt like It had been whipped hundreds of times. I rolled out of the plane as fast I could and slammed on to the gritty floor I crawled away from the roaring fire struggling to breath with all the fumes I had inhaled I gasped for air.

I got my breath back and I didn’t have a clue where I was, it wasn’t the welcoming I usually get when going abroad but the most important thing was I was alive I sat up and heard a scream I knew there was someone else alive but didn’t have a clue how to get to them out, I shouted back but there was nothing. I struggled to my feet taking step by step I reached up to the emergency exit and I could see a woman trapped under a seat I grabbed her hand and pulled her to safety.

She was badly injured but still breathing she couldn’t speak and had a deep wound on her lower leg I took my t-shirt off and tied it around her cut. I tapped her head and she slowly came round, she was as white as a sheet and looked extremely shocked. I asked her what her name was? And she mumbled back “Sarah”. I looked around and saw nothing there was no sign of life and everything was dead and I knew we had to get up and go, as we could only survive a couple of days in these hot weather conditions.

I grabbed sarahs hand helped her too her feet and she put her hand around me she hopped along and said in a quite voice “thank you”. My head was burning and had blisters all over, I had burst into a sweat with her whole body weight leaning on me. we got further and further away from the burning ashes of the plane and we came to a old dusty road it looked like it was never ending but it was our only hope. Was it the road to death or the road to safety?

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