The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter Essay

The latest issue of The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newletter (Vol. 3, No. 3) is in the mail. This quarterly publication is sent to  Friends of REH and Legacy Circle members. This issue contains rare facsimile pages fromThe Junto (an amateur press publication that Howard contributed to), a letter to Emil Petaja, the typescript for “The Voice of Doom,” and young Bob’s original manuscript for “West Is West,” complete with his English teacher’s corrections and grade (C+).

The issue is also full of News & Events, with complete coverage of Howard Days ‘09 (including Guest of Honor Larry D.

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The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter
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Thomas’ banquet speech) and some interesting REH news from France on a rare find. If you are not a member of the Foundation, shame on you.  You are missing out are some rare and exclusive Howard fiction and information, but not to worry,  join now to avoid missing out on goodies like this Newsletter.

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