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The Role of Environment

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The Role of Environment Science and Technology in building an excellent personality owing to the following reasons:
Science develops scientific temper which is required for finding better life
Technology offers easy way of leading life and develops our personality
We think logically and this helps us in taking the right decisions at the right time
We act in an informed and professional way to develop our personality
By Technology our intelligence evolves steadily and we gradually become good persons
We face the challenges in modern society better and grow each day
We are in the race to achieve the rapid progress in the society which is changing each day
We become optimistic and can make a new start to be better -feel better -do better and improve our own self and the society also.

People take immediate action on whatever troubles them and go for quick solutions.
We modify our lifestyles, and do things differently by Technology
We are influenced and are expected to have influence on others by Technology
We find simple ways to save energy and conserve our resources.

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The Role of Environment
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The overall effect of these is that we are able to form a new personality which can take up all challenges and help us in overall improvement of our personality. Science is the mother of all inventions and Technology is a great happening and through them we can achieve progress and growth.
We can help people to choose a scientific background and find solutions to water nature and many other problems.
We get evidence to be scientific and use it in life .

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