The Rwanda Genocide Essay

The Rwanda Genocide

In my opinion, the Rwanda genocide of 1994 was the most significant historical event in my life so far - The Rwanda Genocide Essay introduction. It saw the killing of an estimated figure of around a million people in Rwanda. Most of the victims were Tutsi ethnic community that formed the backlog of Rwanda population. The other part of the population was composed of the minority Hutus. In the extremes of ethnic divisions, the Tutsis enjoyed a bigger representation in the Government at that time leading to unequal distribution of resources around the country.

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The Rwanda Genocide
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           Gradually this lead to accumulation of suspicion and tension between the two communities that eventually led to war in early 1994.the war saw an influx of refugees into neighboring countries of Congo. With the Tutsi antagonists and government backed while the protagonists the Hutus who had the favor of among others, France and Uganda, the genocide was sparkled by  assassination of Habyarimana in April 1994.two Hutu  militias associated with the political parties : Intrahamwe and Impuzamugambi carried out the executions while a Hutu Power group called the Akazu   was calling the shots. The execution of Habyarimana saw the end of the truce aimed at bringing the war  to end .this made the Tutsi RPF relaunch  their offensive, overpowering the army and seizing control of the country.

The genocide was later to be blamed on everyone from the media both local and international alike, polticians and so on. Eventually, after so much bloodshed it took international intervention to bring the worrying factions to the negotiating table albeit for the time being. The war was later called off but the small landlocked country is yet to heal her wounds. I feel that the war was completely uncalled for and could have been avoided altogether had meaningful dialogue been engaged in .


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