The Scarlet Letter and Bradstreet

Short Answer Answer the questions below on The Scarlet Letter and “In Reference to Her Children. ” Be sure to write your answers in complete sentences. 1. Explain the metaphor Bradstreet uses in the poem for her children. Give at least two specific examples from the poem. An example of a metaphor in Bradstreet’s poem would be that she compares her children as to baby birds that live in a nest. Another example is that she compares them growing up to a bird leaving the nest to take flight. 2.

List the destinies of Bradstreet’s eight children. The destinies of Bradstreet’s children in the poem are as follows; the first one left to travel, the second one found a mate and left the nest to a beach, the third also left with a mate percht where the sun appears, the fourth one went to school, the fifth one spends time away from mother exploring the nest and trying to find some independence, and last three are still living in the nest, too young to take flight and leave. 3. What is the tone of this poem?

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List at least two words or phrases that support your answer. I would say that the tone of this poem is bittersweet and nostalgic. The mother is reminiscing about her children that have left the nest, yet knows the pain of having to let your kids go, though she’s proud none the less. 4. What does Bradstreet request of her children in the future? Bradstreet requests to be able to talk about how much she loves her children and how she helped them successfully leave the nest in the future. . What reassurance does Bradstreet give her grown children? The reassurance that she gives her kids is that she shows how much she loves them and yearns to see them all grow up right. Part II: Creative Writing While Hester Prynne was a fictional character, imagine what might have happened if Anne Bradstreet had been an observer of Hester’s public shame. Put yourself in Bradstreet’s shoes and write a poem in response to Hester’s story. Your poem must meet the following requirements: one use of metaphor •one use of simile •one use of imagery •at least 15 lines •include a title ‘A’ For ‘Able’ They all scowled when she showed her face in the town streets, As though her presence alone was enough to ruin the rest of their day, Many judge her as if Thou himself had deemed her unworthy, The ‘A’ over her breast a sign of proof enough for them, Many, if not most of the not-so-humble civilians spat their words towards her, Their eyes piercing through her like figurative daggers,

The rumors having it from the other Puritans that she was a sin, A cursed ‘A’, for which stood for ‘adulterer’, She even held a new born to her chest to feed as evidence, But maybe the cursed letter stood for something different, She was able to support an infant, a new life, She was able to go on with her two said lives despite what they all say, Able to cope with her crimes, even if they were unintentional, Yes, I believe there is another word that could be used in place, Simply ‘Able’.

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