The “Spicy” Side of REH Essay

As previously mentioned here on the blog, the REH Foundation Press is coming out with a long awaited collection of Howard’s “spicy” stories - The “Spicy” Side of REH Essay introduction. In the last sentence of this post from February 21, 2010, I opined that Rob probably had the idea for this book rattling around in his head and indeed it has come to fruition.

Information on pre-orders is coming in a week or two, so hold your horses. Meanwhile, here are the steamy contents:

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The “Spicy” Side of REH
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Introduction by Patrice Louinet

The Stories:

“The Girl on the Hell Ship” (aka “She-Devil”)

“Ship in Mutiny”

“Desert Blood”

“The Purple Heart of Erlik”

“The Dragon of Kao Tsu”

“Murderer’s Grog”

“Guns of Khartum”

“Daughters of Feud”


Untitled Synopsis (“John Gorman . . .”)

“The Girl on the Hell Ship”—draft

Untitled Synopsis (“Ship in Mutiny”)

“Ship in Mutiny”—draft

List of Characters (“Desert Blood”)

Untitled Synopsis (“The Purple Heart of Erlik”)

Untitled Synopsis (“Daughters of Feud”)

As shown above, this volume features a suitably “spicy” cover by the Keegans.

Update: Pre-orders are now being accepted and The REH Foundation Press reports it has already sold half the print-run of Spicy Adventures. The book is due out the end of September with a print run of 200 copies. Pre-order the book here.

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