The Story of Job

The story about Job is very inspiring. I was inspired by the way Job faced the challenges that life has given him. And it is very touching that even though his life was very tough he never question God for it instead he remain faithful with Him. I was really amazed because even he is suffering he still believes that God is really the answer for everything. I’ve never thought that believing in God or being a Christian will bring me to difficult and horrible situations but surely in these cases it will test our devotion to our God.

Calamities happen. It will teach us how to manage those difficulties, and as it go on it gives us strength from what we have learned and from God. We should be thankful for the problems that gives us lessons and keeps us strong. Just keep in our mind that God is always with us that guides us. Just trust Him and everything will be fine. Job is one example of that so called great follower of God. A man who feared God and avoided evil. He was a wealthy, respected man with a beautiful wife and family.

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His lands had plenty of sheeps and camels but suddenly Satan came to destroy his life just to prove Yahweh that Job is just like the other that faith is limited after a serious tragedy. Job loses his wealth, his daughter died, and also Job loses his health too but still Job continue to pray to Yahweh, asking for guidance and strength and he never blamed God for everything that happens to him. But Satan failed to win his plans. The story ends with God giving Job double his previous wealth, more status, beautiful children and a long life.

The Story of Job ( Reaction Paper ) Prof. Lincoln A. Bautista Princess Diane C. Roa BSAM 4-1 The book of Job in the Bible is the story of a devout man who lived thousands of years ago. But tragedy hovers over this most righteous man. When the book opens, we notice Job is about to lose everything – children, property and wealth, good name and even his health. No one could argue the point that life is punctuated with hardship, heartaches, and headaches. Most of us have learned to face the reality that life is difficult. But unfair?

Something kicks in, deep within most of us, making it almost intolerable for us to accept and cope with what’s unfair. Our drive for justice overrides our patience with pain. So, the Book of Job has a very important message. It is a great literary work too. It teaches us to trust God under all circumstances. We cannot always blame suffering and sin on our lifestyles. Suffering may sometimes be allowed in our lives to purify, test, teach or strengthen the soul. God remains enough, deserves and requests our love and praise in all circumstances of life.

Nevertheless, God was still God — no matter what — our responsibility is to obey Him, to trust Him and to submit to His will, whether we understand it or not. The stage artists did a very good performance to portrait the life of Job. Although the setting was only limited but still, they had make sure that we, the audience, seized the scenes where we felt the emotions that the artists wanted to show. Also, we didn’t hear loudly some of the talks of the performers on stage maybe because of some technical foul on the mic they used.

And also because of that, some students didn’t pay attention to the play; instead they were just made noise. However, the performers continued and with effort, finished the story very well. For me, I’m happy that they make a stage play which the story is based on Biblical scenes and events. Because today, we much need that kind of show to let us know and always remember the importance of being a faithful and good man, not just only for human manner and behavior, but also and forever to God for He is everything.

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