The Struggles of an American Dream Essay

This play is real to life ,and shows us a man struggling to have that American dream - The Struggles of an American Dream Essay introduction. Death of A Sales Man is about a salesman’s ,Willy Loman that is trying to suicide the American dream At the age of sixty-three Willy loman has lost control of his life or he’s relationship with his older son biff. Willy’s betrayal of cheating on is wife Linda ,and him loosing biff had lead him to suicide . biff never look have ked at his father the same way . Willy’s guilt has been eating him up ,and wants biff to go back the way he was.

When biff was young he would look up to his father . Willy had so much faith in biff, and that he was going to be very successful . Willy always had high hopes for biff and expected him to be important . biff loved having his father around and couldn’t wait until he would come back from his work trips . Biff and Willy had a great relationship. Willy wanted that American dream . Willy has been working at the same job for thirty-six years . Willy just wants to be something big and be known. He wants his children especially biff to look up to him .

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Willy cared about people and what they thought ,he wanted to feel important . His dream pushed Willy to being sick and have allusions . Willy would talk to people like they were really there ,and that’s why people were starting to know how exhausted Willy was . When biff was young ,and had a great relationship with Willy ,biff would come to his father for anything . Biff was failing a class in school and decided to visit his father in Boston . when biff surprised Willy ,biff heard a woman in Willy’s room ,and caught his father cheating .

Biff has never looked at his father the same way, and never forgave him. Biff never told anyone about Willy cheating ,he kept this inside him for so long and no one knows why biff has such discourage from him. Willy and biffs relationship was majorly about Willy cheating and how Willy wants biff to be something his not ,and ever since they never got along . Biff feels like Willy and betrayed him . Willy cheating and the American dream that he always wanted has destroyed him. Willy is having difficulties letting go of the past .

He is very concerned about biff and wants him to have the life that he always wanted. Willy doesn’t forgive himself for cheating and ruining the relationship he had with biff . this caused Willy to have suicide thoughts and allusions . biff stilled loved his father ,but hated his actions . Linda ,Willy’s wife was worried about Willy’s actions and how he attempted to do suicide. Linda let biff and happy know about what their father is trying to do ,and they got so upset. Biff was very frustrated and hated that he would do that to hes family .

Biff does love Willy and was worried about him . Biff was like a ticking bomb ,and needed to express his feelings to Willy and wanted to know how he felt about him. biff say “will you let me go, for Christ’s sake?. Will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens? ”. this showed Willy that biff still loves him and still cared about him ,and doesn’t want anything to happen to him . Biff was fed up with Willy dream and he’s perspective on how he’s life should be . Biff wants willy to stop stressing out on the American dream ,and the life style he wanted for biff.

Willy just wanted to know that biff still cared for him and loved him. Willy’s American dream and affair has caused him to commit suicide . The fact that Willy getting laid off and not accomplishing that American dream destroyed him for life . The bad relationship with biff mad Willy have allusions ,and felt like his cheating has caused it . All Willy really wanted was for biff to love him and have that relationship he had when he was young ,and live that American dream he’s always wanted.

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