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The System of Education in USA

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Education is a national concern, a state responsibility and a local function. The USA has a Federal Department of E., but its purpose is to gather information and to advise, not to control. The administrative control, such as what books will be used in the classroom, is decided on a local level. Schools are under the jurisdiction of local school board, composed of elected citizens. State laws determine the length of school year, courses which must be taught. The board has an executive officer, usually called a State school superintendent or commissioner (elected or appointed by the board).

There many different kinds of school: public schools, private schools, parochial schools, schools specializing in the arts, literature or science, etc. Education in the USA comprises 3 basic levels:

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The System of Education in USA
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* elementary
* secondary
* higher e.

Vocational training, adult e., schools or classes for special types of children and kindergartens also form part of the program in most states. Parents may choose whether to send their children to their local free public schools, or to private schools which charge fees, the organization and curricula of private schools and colleges are similar to those of public schools although the administration differs.

The school year is usually 9 month from early September to mid June.

Preschool e.

3 – 4 – 5 years – nursery schools.
5 – 6 years – kindergarten.
Prepare children for elementary school.

Elementary or Primary school

The main purpose of e.s. is general intellectual and social development of the child from 6 to 15 years of age. Promotion from one grade to the next is based on the pupil’s achievement of specified skills in reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic, history, geography, music and art. 1st grade→4th grade (Primary or elementary schools)

Secondary school:

5th grade→8th grade Middle School10-14years
9th grade→12th grade 4 years High School
7th grade→12 th grade (1112years-17 years)

English, science, social studies, mathematics and physical education Subjects: foreign languages, fine arts, vocational training. The general (comprehensive) program pro… …des features of the academic and vocational type. In general basic subjects are required in the 10th through 12th grades. School systems may offer a selection of courses aimed at 3 or more levels:

* academic
* vocational
* general

The academic program is designed to prepare pupils for college. The vocational program may give training in 4 fields:

* agriculture e. (farm manages)
* business e. (commercial field)
* home economics (home management, child care, etc.)
* trade and industrial e. (training for jobs in mechanical, manufacturing, building, etc.)

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