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The Taj Group: People Philosophy and Star System

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_ {draw:g} _ There was something about the Taj. People just didn’t leave. Portly old waiters didn’t get replaced by young, better looking ones. Women went on maternal leave and came back. Employees got offered better jobs and chose to stay. BACKGROUND TAJ PEOPLE PHILOSOPHY AND STAR SYSTEM The Taj Group has a people oriented culture and a legacy of impeccable service It’s two main guiding principles are the ‘Four Steps of Service’ and ‘ Taj people Philosophy’. {draw:frame} TPP was originally called a ‘Womb to Tomb’ approach – developing and training the employees from inception to their retirement in the beliefs and culture of Taj.

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The Taj Group: People Philosophy and Star System
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All employees (mostly fresh graduates from various hotel management institutes) were placed in an intensive two-year training program covering the group’s culture, management practices and working of cross-functional departments. they also had to take part in various leadership programs stressing on potential development and talent management. The group adopted the Balanced Scorecard System (BSS), Employee satisfaction and tracking system (ESTS), 360 degree performance appraisal system.

The employees would get a ‘star’ as per their level, which would be pinned on their coat as a sign of recognition. Also, the winners were felicitated at an annual function held by Taj. They were also rewarded with gift hampers, cash vouchers or a vacation in Taj hotel of their choice in India. It acted as a significant motivator for all the employees. The service standards at all hotels of the group improved significantly because the employees felt that their good work was being acknowledged and appreciated.

This resulted in repeat customers for Taj hotels as it made employees go that extra mile and do that extra bit to ensure customer satisfaction. {draw:frame} STAFF HEROICS AT THE TAJ DURING THE MUMBAI ATTACKS: People who depicted courage and commitment included janitors, waiters, directors, artisans and captains as well as higher level employees. To mention some of them, Karambir Kang, general manager of Taj hotel, untiringly along with his staff members served the guests that were present in the Taj hotel that day while his wife and sons died in the terrorist attack.

Such were the spirit of the Kang that when the black clouds were gone and Taj was ready to reopen, he was back in his full energy, depicting an icon in itself for the entire mourning country. When asked about the loss he suffered personally,he said “_I don’t think I will ever heal but, this is my family and being here does help me_”. This statement clearly depicts how happy and committed Taj employees are with their organization. Kang also said that “_my heart is in the hotel and it’s important for me to contribute positively and make it among the finest hotels_”.

A young lady guest relation executive managing a team from HLL stopped all the members from going out, she even bravely volunteered thrice to go out and get stuff such as ice cubes for whiskey of the guests when the situation outside the hall was very dangerous. The young lady was just a junior in the hotel and had no instructions from her seniors to do what she did. It was her commitment towards the organization that she recued the entire HLL team in just 3 minutes through the kitchen. Thomas George, a captain, escorted 45 guests from the backdoor and while he was going down the last time, he was shot dead by the terrorists.

Applauding the strength of the hotel’s employees, Indian Hotels’ vice chairman RK Krishna Kumar said, “_In those three terrible nights, they defined new standards for the industry. The evil and death inflicted on us have been redeemed by the extraordinary spirit shown by our staff_. ” BEFORE YOU SAY WAH! TAJ!! {draw:frame} When Ratan Tata addressed the employees after the incident, he broke down into tears and said that “this hotel doesn’t belong to me or anybody else it only belongs to the employees who work here.

They are its real owners, because only an owner will lay down his life for his property”. Therefore the connection that employees feel with the Organization will only be reinforced by such incidents. When you are a real family, the tough times only bind you stronger. REFERENCES : http://alaiwah. wordpress. com/2009/12/09/heroics-of-taj-hotels-staff-in-mumbai/ http://www. mumbaimirror. com/index. aspx? page=article=15 id=20090729200907290407481719bc52dc8 http://timesascent. in/article/5/20090703200907031157341836454d097/Beyond-motivation-to-inspiration. tml http://blogs. hbr. org/hmu/2009/03/teambuilding-exercises-for-tou. html http://www. reddit. com/r/IAmA/comments/a8ez5/iama_brit_that_was_at_the_taj_hotel_in_mumbai/ http://www. outlookindia. com/article. aspx? 239240 www. *taj*hotels. com/About*Taj*/Careers/*Taj*promises. htm http://www. tata. com/company/Media/inside. aspx? artid=aAOifiKhB/g= 10. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/2008_Mumbai_attacks 11. http://www. tata. com/aboutus/articles/inside. aspx? artid=NyGNnLHkaAc= 12. http://sbjexpressions. wordpress. com/2009/12/08/the-tata-gesture/

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