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Oxford dictionary explains the term Ethnic (a); of a racial group; resembling the peasant clothes of primitive peoples. Web definition of Ethnicity (n) is ‘a term which represents social groups with a shared history, sense of identity, geography and cultural roots which may occur despite racial difference’. Ethnicity shapes a group’s culture, traditions and customs in food, music and language. If racism segregates whites (white American)and blacks (black Americans) or African-Americans, groups such as “Hispanic or Latino” or “Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander” can be considered as arbitrary of diverse ethnic groups.

Halley Berry is an ethnic Oscar-won actress from black-American ethnic group. Tiger woods, world renowned golf-player also belong to ethnic group of black-American, while modelers, Gabriel Aubrey and Elin Nordegrin represent the white-American ethnic group. Classification of racism and ethnic cannot be static and it continues to experience different social interests and political interests, whereas many whites do not consider to be a part of ethnic or ethnicity.


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It is a fact that whether an Italian or an Irish background, ethnic cultures do influence interpretation and interaction with the world. Conclusion It is very difficult to distinguish between racism and ethnicity whereas both racism and ethnicity leave an impact on culture, life style and customs in the modern day world. In food and dining, in the field of medicine, a proportionate importance is held in ethnics in order to understand etiquette and care an individual is entitled to receive.

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