The Three Most Significant Events In U.s. History

The Revolution resulting in America was the most significant event in American History. This country would not be here without it. The Revolution led to an establishment of a constitution and a new foundation to start a country. We would still be part of England had we not had the Revolution.

The constitution set up a basis upon which the most powerful nation in the world would grow. The Civil War is also one of the most influential events that helped to shape the United States. The division of the industrial North and slave-owning South resulted in the Civil War. Had it turned out that the South had won, the entire nation right now would be completely different. Half of our population would not have its freedom. No black person would ever hold any office of power, much less be the mayor of Houston.

Every single person’s life would be completely different had the Civil War never occurred. Time Magazine listed the one hundred most important events in American History. They included going to the moon, Watergate, World War Two, AIDS, the Industrial Revolution, and so forth. However, at the very top of their list as number one was the atomic bomb. I fully agree that the bombing of Hiroshima was the most influential event in American History.

Having this military power established the United States as the leading world country. It also completely changed the meaning of the word “war.” If we were to have a world war three, the entire world would cease to exist. Nowadays, every country almost has its own atomic bomb.Hiroshima ended World War Two and appointed America as the most powerful country on the entire earth; however, it leads to severe problems in the future. If there ever is a World War Three, no living thing on this earth would survive.

As for now, America is the leading country because of its advantage at the end of World War Two.

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