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The Time Traveler and His Machine

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The story begins in the house of the Time Traveler. He says to a group of people it is possible to travel through time. The group of people doesn’t believe him, so he shows them a working model of the Machine. He makes it disappear into the future.

Next week the same group of people return. They can’t find the Time Traveler. After a while he comes, and says he has been traveling through time. He tells his story.

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The Time Traveler and His Machine
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At first the time moves a bit faster than normal. He can see someone entering the laboratory very quick. Then the time starts moving more quickly. The laboratory disappeared. When he stopped the machine, he was in a sort of garden in a new world. 802701

The human race was split in to parts, the Eloi and the Morlocks.

Eloi saw him, and they found him interesting. He is taken to a building and can eat. When they loose interest he discovers his Time Machine is gone.

He thinks it is put in a white Sphinx.

Then he rescues a little female Eloi, Weena. She appreciates it and follows him everywhere. He discovers how the world works. He tries to find his Time Machine.

At a time he is in the forest with Weena. They are surrounded by Morlocks, and it’s getting late. He has built a campfire.

He escapes because the forest is burning, but he lost Weena. He goes to the white Sphinx and starts destroying it. He can enter it and he sees the time machine. When he approaches it he discovers it is a trick to get hem there. Quickly he jumps in the time machine and disappears.

He stops 30 million years later. The earth has completely changed and all intelligent creatures have disappeared. Then he returns to our time.

The Time Traveler tells to the group of people they may believe it if they want it. He isn’t sure of it himself anymore.

The next day someone from the group returns. The time Traveler tells him to wait. When he wants to tell to the Time Traveler he has to go, the Time Traveler and his Machine have gone.

The writer wants us to think of the situation he lived in. He disapproves of the aristocracy. One time he refers to the East-end workers, who live their lives under the ground.

It was nice because it had a different view on the future. Generally speaking the technology and science have increased and the world is a better place, but in this story it is different.


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