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The Tragedy That My Family Faced

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  • Pages 4
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    There we stand; our hands locked in a marriage, which seemed so impenetrable. Yet, we knew that it was time for this marriage to have its temporary divorce. Promise me you will be back, David. We still have the entire summer before we leave each other for college. my tear-drenched girlfriend says. Yes I promise, Kate. Dont worry, my parents really want me to get adjusted there, but I will back soon.” I said has her reminder of our soon to come separation trembled my heart. These were adjustments which my parents, as while as I, felt were needed to be established well before my college began. This is because now I was living with two younger cousins, both of whom had just came to this country, my grandmother, and my big brother. This new life required for me to undergo several adjustments. These adjustments included, esstialy, getting to know my cousins and my grandmother, as well as learn how to operate my bother’s gift store. Due to the dramtic lifestyle change this required from me, my girlfriend knew I had to go. So I told her I loved her, gave her a hug and boarded the plane to Columbia, South Carolina. The entire time believing that our relationship, which spun the last two years, was intact. The plane arrived in Columbia and I made the drive to Augusta, Georgia; and immediately setting out to accomplish my adjustments with a uinreliqushing desire. This desire stemmed from my want to be back with my girlfriend. Two weeks go by… and I have successful adjusted to my new life in Augusta, GA. A few days later, however, just a day before I was scheduled to go back to Cincinnati, my grandmother suffered a stroke and in that instant our divorce became permanent. Suddenly I found myself in one of the worst situations of my life, forced to decide on several issues. These issues, however, caused me to learn one of most important lessons of my life. The lesson that family always comes first. No matter who, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what you feel, your family is the one who will always be there for you and who you should always be there for as well.

    The day my grandmother’s tragedy happened I knew that I would stay. Never did the idea, that I could still go back, reach even the outskirts of a probable possibility. For I knew the love I have for grandmother, as with my entire family, is greater than the love I could have for anyone else. So even though the loss of my girlfriends love caused my heart to broken, it was the greater love of my family that mended it. Since both of us knew that our families were the ones we could always count on, no matter what we did or said, there love for us never dissipated. I learned that this type of love could never be matched, a love which I share for them with equal intensity.

    However, this is not the only point to be made, for from this castrophy I also learned that family comes first no matter what the circumstances, as well. It is true that my grandmother’s stroke caused me to undergo more: mature, tedious, and honestly just not fun circumstances. These circumstances, included walking my grandmother to the bathroom, helping her eat, and helping her relearn how to use her arms. They were obviously not as enjoyable as my self-centured life in Cincinnati, but I never did try to get out of them. This is because my grandmother’s tragedy demonstrated that no matter what circumstances one is used to, family members must be willing to sacrifice them for their family. Finally I learned, that even though at times it means self-sacrifice, in my case a broken heart, family must always come before personal feelings. I believe that everyone should, at least, put their family before themselves. This is because a family will do anything for its members, thus making necessary for its individuals to feel a sense of gratitude. This gratitude should not be viewed as a burden, but rather, as a chance for an indiuvaudl to demonstrate love towards a family which has always shown him or her. For example, my grandmother went to great pains to take care of me when I was little. She was always there, no matter how many times I made messes, screamed late at night, or relived my self at inappropriate times. The last one, to this day, she still jokes about by saying how many times she had to change her clothes.Now I have realized that it is my turn to show her my love. This event, teaching me the lesson that I will sacrifice anything for my family.

    The tragedy that my family faced was very unfortunate, however, from it I have a learned a very important lesson. The lesson, that family always comes first, is one that will remain entrapped in my memory forever. It is an important lesson that I feel has effected me greatly. A lesson instilling that the love of a family, is the love that reigns supreme.


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