“The Trunk” Has Arrived! Essay

The Trunk is finally here and while it is far from being full, it is off to a good start - “The Trunk” Has Arrived! Essay introduction. What, you may ask, is in the the trunk — well here is an overview from the webpage:

This section of the website features essays, links and other sources of information that is of interest to Robert E. Howard scholars. Much like the trunk Howard tossed his unsold and unfinished manuscripts into, the contents of this webpage will hopefully be as valuable as the contents of Howard’s trunk. The goal of this feature is to serve as a folio of information that will prove useful to anyone doing research on Howard’s writing, and his life and times. If you have something you’d like to contribute to this repository of information, please contact the Editor.

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“The Trunk” Has Arrived!
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So in the coming weeks and months, the contents of The Trunk will continue to grow and other new additions to the TGR website are also in the works, including a tribute page for the late Steve Tompkins and three additional essays from the pages of the print journal are coming soon to the “Articles & Essays” webpage.

In the meantime, click here and explore The Trunk. There is also a permanent link on the home page under “REH Scholar Resources.” Once you you’ve perused its contents, feel free to offer any suggestions or comments.

“The Trunk” Has Arrived! Essay

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