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The Unexpected Visitors

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“The unexpected visitors” One rainy night in 2010, a young boy whose name was Peter Jones was getting ready for bed, as usual he brushed his teeth, and set the alarm clock because He had to take an advanced English test the next morning! , He was truly excited about it, However; while he was lying in bed, He heard a sound outside the windows.

So he got up and walked over the window, what is more; He was looking outside into the yard when suddenly he saw something really strange in the sky, like a bright light, In fact; it was a flying saucer, furthermore; near of his house there was a lake where he could see two men who were sitting in their fishing boat, they were “John” and “George” but when they noticed about the bright light, it was in front of them and at the same time, their boat was floating in the air over the water, as a result of that; peter screamed really loudly and shut his eyes, he was shaking of fear!

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The Unexpected Visitors
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Owing to he felt really scared, anyway after a few minutes Peter opened his eyes and He saw three aliens that came out of the flying saucer and carried the two men into their spaceship, simultaneously; Peter tried to help them nevertheless; the aliens saw peter and he was kidnapped too.

The green aliens told the two men and the youngster that they had to travel forward in time with them because the aliens wanted to show them something significant in the future! Thus; they traveled in a time machine from 2010 to 2099, Peter was delighted but He did not know that the future would be a completely disaster, for the reason that in 2099 Scientifics had created a dangerous virus called “ Reaper ” besides, one of the aliens told Peter “ like so many epidemics before, the loss of so many lives began with a single microscopic organism moreover; the reaper virus spread among the population of America like a common cold, there was not cure or vaccine, airports, seaports and borders were closed, also America was placed under quarantine, people were ordered to stay in their houses in order to avoid travel, contact, and wait for help that did not come! So many people died in this continent at the beginning, they ate dogs, rats and finally on each other!.

Humanity was destroyed by a biohazard virus”. Then; peter got really concern about the future of the world and after they traveled in time, the aliens came back to the present and left the two men and peter where they were at the beginning, then; Peter Jones just went back to bed and fell asleep. The next morning; He heard the same sound again outside the window, and it was his cat which wanted to play with him suddenly, peter realized that everything had been a nightmare! By the way; he got ten on the test.

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The Unexpected Visitors. (2018, Jun 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-unexpected-visitors-essay/

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