The United States Immigration policy Essay

A view of the United States historical immigration policy indicates the willingness of the country to accept immigrants, there has existed policies over time to support increasing immigration till about 1900 when over one million immigrants entered the country - The United States Immigration policy Essay introduction. After the depression in the 1930s and Second World War, Immigration into the US again rose, and in 2006 there were a total of 37.5 immigrants in the country. (University of Missouri, 1995). Immigration being a subject of legislation, the congress established a process to ensure foreigners become citizens of the US, and since then lots of changes have been done to this immigration policy and has evolved over time.

Public Immigration

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This is an aspect of immigration that requires smooth handling to ensure growth and harmony through discouragement of illegal immigration and promoting required legal procedures. Public immigration includes; individuals who are handled according to individual needs for instance the United States  with pride calls itself the land of immigrants, hence accommodates every single individual seeking employment, refugees and asylum seekers hence meets every individuals need legally through the immigration policies. (Aristide Z. 2006))

Various communities from various geographical locations also benefit from public immigration, whereby everyone else is allowed hearing with any immigration officer; this is to ensure legal immigration procedures. Common interests groups also sometimes do oppose immigration intakes with disregard on the impact on economic development, though public immigration ensures equal treatment to divert hostility from these groups. (Murray, D.B 2006)

Role of Government in delivering immigration services

Some of the Immigration services in the US include; administrative role of immigration benefits and services, the adjudication of asylum claims, the issuance of documents authorizing employment, granting of temporary and permanent residence and citizenship, therefore would classify governments role in delivering these services as below; (Murray, D.B 2006)

The Government serves the role of reuniting families this is done by allowing immigrants whose families already live in the United States, thus a mediator, as this reduces family disputes. Second, the government has interests in taking employees and workers with skills to take up relevant positions when there are shortages of experienced and expertise personnel, hence an employer and regulator. Third, the government also attempts to give refuge to citizens from other countries who are religiously, politically and racially persecuted in their own countries of origin, thus an advocate and custodian and fourth, government’s role is to enhance diversity by admitting people from other countries that have very low immigration rates into the United States. The government has done this through several various temporary and permanent admissions to achieve the above. (Murray, D.B 2006)

Ways citizens can participate in administrative decisions in immigration

Surveys are usually used to collect quantitative information, and usually gives focus on factual information or opinions and involves and involves the administration of questions to particular individuals, hence citizens can participate in decision making through surveys when the immigration departments seek information and opinions through either structured interviews (administered by researcher/Immigration) or self administered questionnaires that are sent to individuals who give their opinions and then send back the information to the Immigration/researcher in this case. There exist various modes of conducting surveys, through mails, online surveys, personal in home survey, and mall intercept survey. (Groves, 1989). Notice and Comments is also an appropriate method of having individuals participate in decision making, majorly used for rule making whereby a rule is published and after which it is open for comment by the public at large, opinions are taken in adjusted and further posted for comments or taken through a referendum where every individual/citizen/electorate is allowed a vote to either oppose or propose a proposal hence result to the adoption of the new rule/policy or constitution, this is a kind of decision making which democratically favors the majority. (Ullman, D. G. 2006)


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