The Vinson Papers – Addendum Essay

Somewhere around part 3 or 4 of “The Vinson Papers” I was given “Independent Scholar” status (thanks to two fine letters of recommendation from Rusty Burke and Mark Finn) and granted access to the rare books collection at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Why, you ask? They have a complete collection of Lone Scout, that’s why. Any-who, the following items and information should have been included in part one of this series; I just didn’t know it when I posted that first installment.

As we have seen, Truett Vinson and Clyde Smith started the All-Around Club some time in 1921. What I failed to mention was that this club was almost certainly intended as a Lone Scout “tribe”: the Lone Scouts of America’s (LSA) answer to the Boy Scouts’ troops. One big part of LSA activity was the “tribe paper”—little newsletters circulated between the boys and across the country, including Canada and other parts of the world. Clyde’s paper, The All-Around Magazine, was definitely a tribe paper. One of the issues has an ad for a Los Angeles tribe paper, the Pueblo Totem, and other issues feature work or ads by other Lone Scouts.

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The Vinson Papers – Addendum Essay
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Anyway, before all of this occurred, both Truett and Clyde were participating in Lone Scout, the magazine, which served as a meeting place for boys all over the world, and featured articles, stories, and poems written by them. Vinson contributed several pieces—Clyde only appears once, in a column where boys exchanged addresses for correspondence.

Two of Vinson’s contributions show what he was interested in during 1919. The first is from the Lone Scout for May 10:

And this is from the issue for August 9:

There are a few more items related to Vinson and the gang, but I’m saving them for an appendix in Lone Scout of Letters, forthcoming from my old Roehm’s Room Press. This is a collection of material by and about Herbert Klatt. Stay tuned.

And this really is the end of the Vinson Papers.

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