The World is my Oyster

High school alone is the hardest part of any teenagers life, especially senior, as a student with high ambitions I tend to overdo myself when it comes to academics. As a matter of fact, I found myself the exact opposite of what teenagers are these days, I have limited friends, anti-social, no girlfriends and usually stays at home. But one day, I encounter someone who is unlike me yet still achieving grades the same way as I do. Then I decided to make him more like me but it backfired I became like him.

It was the fall semester of 2012, the first day of school, as I approach the door for my first period, I suddenly pause trying to catch my breath because I got lost. I’ve been in this school for 2 years but this was my first time being in this side of the building. I was able to catch my breath and open the door and saw that the teacher wasn’t there yet, I looked up all around to find an empty seat and there is this one guy who catches my attention. He doesn’t look like as excited like others but instead he just listens to his loud music nodding his head with every beat. It appears that the seat next to him was empty, so I took this chance to start a conversation but i hesitated, a second later the teacher finally arrived.

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The following day, we were given an extra time in class to just relax. But a couple of minutes ago we were given an assignment to have a pair presentation on the following week. As I looked around he’s the only guy I think who is dependable so I ask him if he could be my partner and he says, Yes. I ask for his name and he says I’m Bao. We decided to plan our presentation in lunch time at the library. We exchange information to each other which turns to a rather personal questions I found out that we have a lot of things in common yet we have different approach. I told him that in order to achieve something greater you need to give up something, trying to persuade him to do the same. He looked at me with confuse face and said, “Why do you have to sacrifice anything when you have all the freedom in this world?”. There was a complete silence in the air. Before I even spoke a single word the bell suddenly rung, it was the end of lunch break. But that didn’t matter I said what I think is right. As we approach the end of the hallway we saw a crossroad, he said “I’ll be going this way I will see you tomorrow” all i can answer is, Yes.

My experience with Bao has taught me a lot. I discovered that in order to reach the top you must learn to climb the mountain from different paths and, discovering different paths might lead you to a better opportunities which can lead to a better life. I realized how small my world was before I met Bao and I have decided to change then I remember that the world is your oyster.

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