The World Wrestling Federation

Entertainment is best till it remains safe, but some entertainmnet are violent and people instead of opposing it, love it. The World Wrestling Federation, was one of the best entertainer till recent years, but during recent years the violence in WWF has incrased to a large extent. Wrestling is a phenomenon unto itself.

Its fans joyfully buy into the mayhem, the insults and staging. Concerns about the ways in which modern society has become increasingly more violent have caused numerous studies to take place between the effects of fantasy violence in entertainment and its impact on viewers.The WWF is certainly one of the most generous of contributors to the attitude of violence and revenge as a means for settling virtually any form of dispute. Recent newspaper issues show that a 13-year old boy Jason imitated the violence in WWF over his 6 year old sister when his mother was asleep.

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And due to third degree blows, his sister died immediately. A big case was held against the 13 year old, and it was tough to decide that was the death of Jason s sister was due to Jason mentally imbalance or due to the bad effects of World Wrestling Federation of today s young children.Experts said, This is the result of the violence shown in the WWF that we have to see such a dreadful day. Every WWF shows are fully packed with people who have come to watch their favorite satrs.

But these ignorant people don t know that they are creating Acts of violence in their children s minds. There are many organizations which are in oppose of the WWF, and they are trying to alert the people to stop this violence and live in a healthy society. One of the Superstar known as Oven Hart died in the ring due to some extreme blows, performing a stunt during a pay per view event.Although his death created very strong issues against WWF, but as time passed these issues became weak and finally disappeared.

Oven s wife Angela Hart sued the WWF Company for the life of herself and her 6 year old daughter who are left alone due to the WWF. Back in 80 s, WWF was pure without violence and hatred. It was just a professional job to earn money. There was no hatred and Hear beating violence at that time.

But in the late 90 s after 1995, WWF had taken a new turn and it increased its violence to a great extent.WWF shows today air wrestlers hitting each other with steel chair, ladders, putting people through tables, running over wrestlers by a car and lot more. A wrestler named Stone Cold Steve Austin was run over by a car in 1999, by another collogue wrestler. He suffered a broken neck and when he was interviewed, he accepted that violence and hatred has risen in WWF 80% more than n the 80 s.

Young kids nearly 17 or 18 are having one and only one dream and that is to enter the WWF and become famous through out the whole world, one day.They even record their tapes of Back Yard Wrestling which is even more dangerous than WWF, and send it to the WWF Company. These kids are the future of The United States, and if they are involved in such violent acts, then USA, would no longer be the NO. 1 country in the whole world.

It s the responsibility of parents to know what their child is doing or watching. It s the parents who need to awaken their minds and should ban their kids to watch such a violent show. But instead the parents take their kids to watch WWF in big arenas and spoil their kids minds with violence and hatred.Kids play WWFSmackdown on Playstation, which increases the amount of violence in their delicate minds.

As a result, kids skip their studies and their grades are affected. The C. E. O of the World Wrestling Federation Vince McMahon says, It s not the World Wrestling Federation who cause some issues like Jason, but it s the lack of attention devoted by the parents.

Now is the time to get awake of the violence taking place in today s world. We all Americans should unite and oppose such a vulgar act. It is The World Wrestling Federation, which causes riots and violence in schools and colleges.Although the WWF is fully choreographed, people take it as if its true.

The WWF airs its shows in such a way as if the whole thing is true. As a result some superstars like The Rock, Triple H etc. earn millions and millions of dollars due to these ignorant people. The governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura was a professional wrestler before he was elected for the Governor s post.

The reason he left professional wrestling was he became badly injured during one of his matches, and was recommended by the doctors to never wrestle in his entire life.Wrestling is a good entertainer if watched in free time, but it is a curse. We need to make our voices heard by either banning the World Wrestling Federation or by making less violent shows. Earth is a wonderful place to live, if there is peace all around, but some anti-social elements like WWF should be completely banned.

The world would be a far better place in the absence of the World Wrestling Federation. And then, the children would be better future citizens of the USA.

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