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As children grow up, they are taught that marijuana is illegal and very harmful to you. What they don’t realize is it’s not in any way harmful, however it is illegal. What the government can’t seem to explain is why. The use of marijuana does not lead to addiction, does not kill brain cells, and does not cause cancer or any other health concerns (The Union: Business Behind Getting High). These concerns are all part of what society believes today because of what they are fed through false government research and media. The Union: Business Behind Getting High tells the truths about marijuana’s effects on health, the body, the community, the government: the society as a whole, which is why everyone should watch this documentary. The Union: Business Behind Getting High says marijuana has been illegal for less than one percent of its lifetime here on earth from the first dated marijuana growth.

The war on this plant has only been going on for a short period of time. In fact, the United States government used to have a law making it illegal to own a farm and not be growing marijuana (The Union: Business Behind Getting High). How within one hundred years can a plant go from the largest grown crop to the least is a question I’m sure I’m not the first to wonder about. The government doesn’t give out too much information on why weed is actually illegal, what they do excessively however is lie to society with false scientific research.

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The government did a test on apes where they would fill their lungs with so much weed smoke within 5 minutes that there was no oxygen going to their body. It’s proven that after that amount of time, brain damage will start to occur (The Union: Business Behind Getting High). They used this research to claim that weed kills brain cells, and they did it all with cleverly leaving the time without oxygen going to the apes out. The documentary is filled with proven facts that most people don’t know, such as this one.

It gives you the real side of the story that society is missing from the lies they’re being fed. Now there are some reasons that people may see even after watching the film why marijuana should be illegal. One of them is why should weed be illegal, it is another mild drug on the same level as alcohol. Well, The Union: Business Behind Getting High reports that alcohol causes 75,000 deaths each year, and yet it is still legal. Alcohol can be addictive, kills brain cells, and can lead to cancer or other health problems.

So if marijuana is illegal, why isn’t alcohol? The fact that marijuana doesn’t do any of these things is enough to legalize it. It can change someone’s perception to help him or her relate or understand things in whole new ways. I believe this is a little more helpful than alcohol’s effects on people. The Union: Business Behind Getting High brings up so many great points that really will get you thinking why the government has marijuana illegal in the United States.

After watching this documentary, you can truly pick a side on whether or not marijuana should be legal or not. Before someone watches this, they are only lied to by society, who is lied to by the media and government. You can’t pick a side when you only know one. The point of society watching this documentary is not to get marijuana legalized, it is so that people can see the real effects it has on the mind and the body. This is why The Union: Business Behind Getting High is a must watch for everyone. Word Count: 633

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