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Theodore Roosevelt

The life of Theodore Roosevelt ( 1858 1919 )

was one of changeless activity, huge energy,

and digesting achievements - Theodore Roosevelt 2 Research Paper Theodore Essay introduction. As the

26th President of the United States,

Roosevelt was the wielder of the Big Stick, the

builder of the Panama Canal, an avid

environmentalist, and the Nemesis of the

corporate trusts that threatened to monopolise

American concern at the start of the century.

His feats as a Rough Rider in the

Spanish-American War and as a cowpuncher in the

Dakota Territory were declarative of his spirit

of escapade and love of the out-of-doorss. Reading

and runing were womb-to-tomb passions of his ;

authorship was a womb-to-tomb irresistible impulse.

After graduating magna semen laude, from the

Harvard University, Theodore began to put the

edifice blocks for his public calling. He began

one of the most historic political callings of all time.

Roosevelt put his early political old ages in these

words, I rose like a projectile.

After being a New York Assemblyman, United

States Civil Commissioner, Assistant Secretary

of the Navy, Roosevelt played a important function

in the Spanish-American War. The Spanish, who

one time thrived in the new universe, truly merely

controlled Cuba now. But the Cubans attempted

several times to have their independency. The

Cubans were mistreated, so the United States

stepped in. War was declared against Spain by

the United States. As the war went on Roosevelt

began a group called the Rough Riders. This

group consisted of mostly cowboys, Indians, and

college jocks. The group was led by Teddy and

Colonel Leonard Wood.

On June 30, the Rough Riders marched to

Santiago. Then On July 1, the Rough Riders

played a immense function in the American triumph at

San Juan Hill. Now with the Hills, Teddy the

Rough Riders and the remainder of the American

military personnels, were ready to assail Santiago. Later,

because Spain could non contend any longer, Spain

asked for a peace understanding. Now Teddy was a

war hero, this is nil but assist his opportunities

for the U.S. President topographic point.

After keeping the governor topographic point over New

York, Theodore ran as Vice President with

William McKinley. On September 6, 1901 President

McKinley was assassinated by, a nihilist named

Leon Czolgosz. And the Rough Rider, cowpuncher, was

now the President of the United States.

Although merely 42, by far the youngest president

in the state s history up to that clip,

Roosevelt brought solid makings to the

office. No event had a more profound consequence

on Theodore Roosevelt s political calling.

As the President, Roosevelt look out for the

best involvement of the United States. In covering

with concern, President Roosevelt was

determined to see that no Big Business had a

monopoly. As a consequence in early 1902, the

attorney-general was ordered by Teddy to register a

suit against The Northern Securities Company,

which was a railway investing company. The

company controlled 3 major railwaies in the

Northwest. The Northwest Securities Company was

charged with being a monopoly, under the Sherman

& lt ;< p>Antitrust Act. The Supreme Court subsequently ruled on

the instance a said the Northern Securities Company

must be broken up because they were combination

in restraint of trade. Because of the success

that Roosevelt won in this instance, he brought

charges on over 40 more Large Businesss. The

most of import concerns broken up by the

Supreme Court, as a consequence of Roosevelt s

actions were the Standard Oil Company and the

American Tobacco Company. Because the antimonopoly

instances were took so long to acquire to the Supreme

Court, Roosevelt asked Congress to go through the

Expedition Act, which sped the procedure.

Roosevelt did non know apart large concerns

merely because they were large, he looked for the

concerns that posed a menace to the populace.

Roosevelt s action against large concerns won

him the rubric trust fellow.

One of the biggest challenge Roosevelt took

on was acquiring the Panama Canal built. The

United States and Great Britain signed a pact

which gave the U.S. sole rights to construct,

and run a canal in Central America. There

was some dissension where the canal would be

built, but the concluding determination was Panama, where

a Gallic company had been delving but went

insolvent. In June of 1902 Congress passed the

Isthmian Canal Act, which authorized the

purchase of the Gallic land for $ 40 million.

But the United States besides had to acquire control of

the canal zone from what was so Colombia.

Secretary of State made an understanding with Thomas

Herran to buy, the right to command the

land, for $ 10 million plus $ 250,000 annually. The

U.S. Senate accepted it but, the Colombian

senate rejected the offer, trusting to acquire more

money. At this point Roosevelt considered

taking the land by force. He called

them ( Colombian senate ) corrupted, and he said

they were seeking to black-mail the United

States. But the people who lived in Panama were

resentful to Colombia authorities, and a rebellion

was inevitable. The rebellion was funded by the

Gallic Company. Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Navel

forces to maintain Colombian military personnels from acquiring

into Panama, to stop the rebellion. Panama

succeeded, chiefly due to the aid of the U.S.

Navy. An understanding was made and the U.S. began

to construct the Panama Canal.

Roosevelt was an outdoorsman, he enjoyed

everything about the out-of-doorss. He was

determined to conserve nature. He made immense

stairss to conserve nature. He called National

Conservation Conference at the White House.

Which resulted in many provinces making a

conservative committee. He besides added 150

million estates to the national wood modesty.

And passed several Acts of the Apostless to conserve and profit

the United States natural resources. Conserving

nature is merely a portion of his great bequest.

Teddy Roosevelt led a extremely successful

life, until his last twenty-four hours. He will be everlastingly

remembered as one of the United States greatest


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Theodore Roosevelt 2 Research Paper Theodore Essay

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