Theory Of Human Development - Motivation Essay Example

Theory Of Human Development

The originator of Bandura’s Social Learning Theory was Albert Bandura and it basically proposes that people learn from one another - Theory Of Human Development introduction. It can further be explained by the fact that it is basically developed by observation, imitation, and modeling. This theory covers attention, memory, and motivation and serves as a bridge between behaviorist and cognitive learning theories.  It is also linked to Social Development Theory suggested by Vygotsky and Situated Learning suggested by Lave. Both of the two theories highlight the importance of social learning.


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As mentioned in the previous paragraph people learn from observing the attitudes of the other people and this is mostly done through modeling. When people observe the others, they discover new behaviors and also get to know how they are developed and observing further helps in guiding an action. The social learning theory explains the behavior of the humans and the following are the necessary conditions or effective modeling.

1.      Attention – this depends on different factors due to which it increases or decreases depending on these factors.

2.      Retention – it has to be remembered what attracted you because of which you remembered that particular behavior.

3.      Reproduction – as the word says, this is basically reproduction of an image i.e. of self-observation.

4.      Motivation – this is a good reason to emulate and motivation.

The originator of this theory believed in reciprocal determinism and he said that the behavior of a person is caused by the world; however behaviorism says that behavior of a person is determined by the environment.

He also worked on the behavior of the adolescents and the aggression in them after which he said that behavior causes environment. He also considered personality as an interaction between three components mentioned below.

1.      Environment

2.      Behavior

3.      Psychological processes in a person’s behavior. (, n.d.).

Reference (n.d.). Social Learning Theory (Bandura). February 13th, 2009. Retrieved from:   


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