Theory task 5-embedding functional skills Essay

Functional skill have been introduced by the government to help develop and gain confidence in using these skills during every day life when out in the real world, theses skills are language and literacy, numeracy and ICT and can be embedded in any course taken, When I teach beauty therapy these skills will be introduced in all different ways, Language and literacy- students will have numerous handouts that they will have to read and assignments to complete, they will also be set research tasks on certain aspects of beauty therapy this will be a good way of improving language and literacy skills.

During the course there will be plenty of group discussions where students will be encouraged to take part helping to develop language skills One teaching method I can use to develop English are question and answer sessions helping with language skills also - Theory task 5-embedding functional skills Essay introduction. During the course students will be required to fill out client record cards and consultation cards. Numeracy- during beauty therapy students need to understand percentages to be able to mix certain products together, timekeeping and time management are very important aspects of a beauty therapists day numeracy is an essential skill for this.

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Theory task 5-embedding functional skills
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Also things such as stock taking and ordering require numeracy skills. During the course each student will take part in reception duties this will involve dealing with money and giving change. ICT- students will have the chance to develop ICT during there beauty course by completing certain tasks that require them to do research on the internet, also during the course students be set tasks to create leaflets and price lists using the computer.

There may also be times when I will need to send out information using email. Also reception duties will include using a computer to book appointments for clients. These skills will be done within the classroom and embedded in the course to allow students to develop on these skills, if given things just to go away and do on there own and without the tutor following up on it the tasks may not be done as some students haven’t got the recourses and time to do it in there time out of college.

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