There is always one moment in a childhood when th Essay

“e door opens and lets thefuture in”Gr12REnglish essayI can still remember the drop kick kicked over by Joel Stransky in 1995, Iwas only 9 but old enough to have tears in my eyes and a rush of bloodthroughout my whole body. I was sitting with a couple of my dad’s friendswhen the final was being played. A short while afterwards on of my dad’sfriends Steve asked me if I had ever played rugby before, coming from anEnglish home the only thing I knew was soccer.

I told him that I thought itwas an awesome game but never really played it before, exept for the fewtimes I ran up and down the park with a ball. He told me that his son whowas my age, was playing a game the following day and said I should come andwatch. So to my delight the following morning I attended the game, and thisis where it starts…

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There is always one moment in a childhood when th
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We arrived at about 6:30am , when Steve saw us he ran up to me like he hada rocket attached to him and said: “feel like playing rugby today, one ofthe guys are injured” before I could answer he said that my kit was at thebus.

They say butterflies in your stomach, but it felt more like bowlingball for me. All these questions were going through my mind, I have neverplayed before? what do I do?After I’d put on my kit and we did a few warm ups, we hit the field readyto play or everyone else was. Looking at our opponents I thought they weregladiators they looked 6 feet tall and about 100kg in muscle, now thosebowling balls felt like knives. The game started off slowly, I didn’treally know what was happening. It was nearing to the end of the secondhalf and the game was almost over. I caught the ball on our 22 and startedsprinting for the try line, dodging a few players with my speed wasamazing, the crowd were going mad I reached our try line and slid acrossit, what a feeling! My team mates hoisted me into the air, I still had noidea of what happened.

Steve ran up to me and said: ‘you did it!” I said “what”? he replied “youjust won us the final” and knew at this point that this game was a game forme, I felt like the springboks did holding up that trophy.I was on top ofthe world, nothing had ever given me such delight.

Ever since that day rugby has been my life ,my passion my everything!

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