Thesis for set A Essay

Thesis for set A

Conservatism has been on the rise among graduate workers both in the civil service and the corporate world. Graduate workers don’t venture into use of new methods to address contemporary problems but rely on handed down procedures.  Majority members of the graduate body ends up being absorbed into the jobs available in the market and they don’t make any impact able to positively transform the existing standards of service delivery. A major cause of this lack of initiative is the sense of security the students have while at their studies.

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Thesis for set A
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Back in the colleges, fraternities and sororities come up because the students are more preoccupied by obsessions of preserving the past. In the wake of this students get relaxed and the result is that they engage in mundane activities while in school and choose courses that are tailored for the existing job market.

Purpose: criticism

Audience: general public

Tone: informal

Point of view: third person

                                                    Thesis for set B

A critical danger faces the society today following the revelation of evidence that genetic engineering has adverse effects on organisms (Cummins 1).

 Genetic engineering as a field of study is at a premature level but already it has been applied in the field. The world has been made the guinea pig although there has been sufficient laboratory evidence that the venture is a recipe for disaster. It has been established that genetic engineering can lead to corruption of the genes of organisms and bring about destruction of species. The genetically modified organisms affect the organisms of the same species as well as those of other species. The modified organisms for instance contract new diseases that they end up infecting the natural organisms with. Emergence of genetically modified organisms also brings in a false notion that they are better than the natural organisms.

Purpose: awareness creation

Audience: academic

Tone: impersonal

Point of view: third person

Works cited

Cummins, Ronnie. Genetically Engineered Food: A Self Defense for Consumers, Marlowe & company, Nevada, 2000.


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