‘They Came on Viking Ships Demonstrates That Everyone Contributes to Society’ Essay

‘They came on Viking ships demonstrates that everyone contributes to society’ - ‘They Came on Viking Ships Demonstrates That Everyone Contributes to Society’ Essay introduction. Discuss In the novel ‘They came on Viking ships’ shows that everyone does contribute towards the society, but sometimes they don’t contribute towards the society. It’s a bit like one night when Hekja was caught singing by Snorri the Skald, and was told to sing at the feast that night but Hekja refused. Also when Erik the Red had died Freydis was given 2 farms and silver was divided equally between Thorvard, Freydis, and Leif.

But Freydis never shared her wealth with the thralls-meaning she never gave them new clothes, shoes, accessories, and not even a little bit of silver. Another example would be when Hekja was back at home (on the mountains) the girls-Reena and Raina wouldn’t share/give the milk to Snarf for him to drink. But there are also times when people or animals do share things. Like Snarf sharing his wonderful talent (sniffing icebergs) and saving the lives of many people. Also another example is when Hekja saved Hikki’s life, but Hikki taught Hekja about mechanics and the principles of levers.

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One night during Yuletide* Hekja wasn’t allowed to go to the Yule feast because Freydis mentioned that “Someone must stay and keep the fire alight and tend to the animals” (Chapter 24, page 151, paragraph 8). Therefore Hekja didn’t go to the feast but got bored and started singing, but was overheard by Snorri the Skald. Hekja was questioned about the singing but she denied it all along, until she gave up and told the truth. She was asked politely but in return Hekja said “A slave has nothing. No belonging, no past that anybody cares to know, no future unless her mistress gives her on.

My songs are all I have. If you tell them, they will own those too. ”This example shows that Hekja has something but doesn’t want to share it with the others. But on the other hand Hikki shows that he does share his knowledge with Hekja. In the book Hikki and Hekja have been ordered to race each other in order to see who is the fastest runner-Hekja or Hikki? On the way Hikki’s foot gets caught underneath a rock. So Hikki quickly said “Maybe a lever- a bit of wood to prise* it off. ” (Chapter 22, page 125, paragraph 10). This teaching Hekja what to do next time if she or someone else is caught under rocks.

This example shows that Hikki helped Hekja and Hekja helped Hikki back by removing the rock. This is an example showing that people can contribute, but what about back at the mountains (In Hekja’s village) Reena and Raina don’t want to share the bucket of milk with Snarf because he’s a dog. Earlier in the book when Hekja went up to the mountain (to stay for the summer) and was sharing with Reena, Raina and her other friends. They wouldn’t let Snarf drink from the bucket of milk quoting “The milk is not for dogs! ” (Chapter 5, page 23, paragraph 3).

Hekja thought that if Snarf couldn’t have his own share of milk (even though there was always left overs), she thought that it would be a good idea if Hekja has half of hers. But then Janna turns around and says “Why would we the milk with your dog? If the chief’s daughters don’t have a dog, why should you? ” (Chapter 5, page 23, paragraph 5). This example shows the girls up on the mountains are not sharing the milk with Snarf not even touching it. Therefore this shows that Reena and Raina have something and they share it but not with Snarf.

Even though people don’t share things with Snarf but Snarf shares things with other people. In chapter 14, page 76, paragraph 8 Hekja discovers that Snarf may have a new talent-smelling icebergs. Freydis needs help and says “The dog talks to you, I think. There is no time to teach him to talk to me. Where there are two icebergs there are more, and any one might kill us. ” Then after 5 minutes Snarf began to bark “Arf, arf, arf” (Chapter 14, page 77, paragraph 6) barking and pointing towards the left side.

This is evidence that proves Snarf shares his talents with the others. This means even Snarf contributes towards the society. In conclusion I think Viking ships does and doesn’t demonstrate contribution towards the society. Just like the examples I gave earlier-Hekja being caught singing by Snorri (not contributing),Hekja helping Hikki and Hikki helping Hekja (contributing), Reena and Raina not haring the milk with Snarf (not contributing) and where Snarf finds his new talent smelling icebergs (contributing).

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