Thinks You Think Need to Improve to Your Country

THINGS YOU THINK NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR COUNTRY In the way I see it Indonesia is a great country. Our country is constantly developing into becoming a better place for everyone to live. Indonesia has its own unique culture, the beautifully handcrafted fabric known as batik, the delicious Padang food, and much more. I consider people in Indonesia as being friendly and very welcoming. Besides that, Indonesia also has gorgeous sights to visit and see. I have been wondering why a country with rich natural resources and social capital like Indonesia cannot afford basic needs for its civil servants and public services for its citizens.

Despite our already beautiful country, we have some disadvantages on our own in which we can work on to make our country better. I’m going to discuss 3 things in which I think is extremely important and need to be worked on. Corruption is the first think I want to talk about. Indonesia is mostly famous for the corruption happening here. The laws and regulations are not strict enough to prevent people from doing this. Most of the corruption in Indonesia is in the form of bribe. One example is the police stopping the people if they did something that is dangerous but then released them when they are given an amount of money.

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It should be the police’s main priority to keep the citizens safe and sound but instead this is what they do. The people who suffer most are the poor as they are pressured to finance payments through their already tight budgets. Corruption leads to another problem, poverty that I am going to talk about next. In Jakarta, every single day, I would see people on the streets, with their sad and pitiful faces, begging for money. I think that this is very sad and we all as humans should help one another.

It is like the basic human rights in which we all should help one another and no one is higher/better than the other. But most of all, what I can’t stand is the poor just giving up that easily. Like if you are born poor, you don’t have a bright future in front of you. I want the poor to realize and change their mind on this, because I believe that they way you can succeed is when you start believing in yourself that you can achieve higher things and be greater. And also the rich could show their support like helping the poor by donating them money or food, and many other ways you can do to help.

The last one is pollution. Singapore is listed as the cleanest and green country. Before Singapore was just like Indonesia, dirty, polluted, and a mess. But with the government’s laws and regulations along with their effort to do campaigning, win the people over to stop pollution from increasing rapidly. Ministry of Environmental and Water Resources (MEWR) has a lot of agencies that is responsible for protecting and enhancing Singapore’s clean living environment by monitoring, reducing and preventing environmental pollution; waste management; recycling; and energy conservation.

Singapore’s air and water has met the standard of the World Health Organization. This is one way in which Indonesia could do to stop pollution. We do not have to do it Singapore’s way, as there are a lot of other things we can do to stop it. With Indonesia’s constant forest fires and deforestation, it has damaged not only Indonesia, but the neighbors’ countries too. With our entire individual, national, and international efforts and a lot of hard work, Indonesia could also become just like Singapore.

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